Student spouse visa for the UK

I am a graduate and have done my IELTS. I would like to go abroad for my further studies. I have recently been married and am looking for a country where my spouse can accompany me .Which is the best suitable country for me?

There are many options which may suit you. Many countries have a spouse visa policy.

UK may be a good option for you. As per your academic qualification and depending upon your IELTS score you may directly qualify for a Master’s program.

If you have an unconditional offer of a place for a Master’s program then you become eligible to support your dependent of a student spouse visa application for UK. The good thing is that you can apply for the visa application of your spouse along with your student visa application to UK. So both your student visa and your spouse dependent visa gets approved at the same time and both of you can travel together for your Study in UK.

Another benefit to apply in UK is that the application and visa process is quite simple for the applicant. There is no requirement of hefty documentation. As far as funds are concerned you just need to pay one year tuition fee and show cost of living for you and your spouse which is held for 28 days in your account.

Yet another benefit is that the visa processing time is very quick. You get the decision of your application in 2 to 3 weeks of filing your UK student visa application thus saving you from long waiting times.

So Study in UK is a good option for graduates who are looking to go to abroad on student visa along with their spouses.

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