Study Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering in Australia

Manufacturing Engineering is a colossal field that deals with engineering of manufacturing processes and production methods. It involves research and development of tools, machines, processes and equipments to convert raw material into a finished product in a coherent, productive and economically feasible manner. The various sub-disciplines are kinematics, mechanics, CIM, mechatronics, advanced composite materials, drafting, etc. Mechanical Engineering encompasses the application of engineering, material science, physics and mathematics to design, manufacture, analyze and sustain mechanical processes. To an extent, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering are overlapping disciplines.
Australia’s manufacturing sector is booming with the expansion in the sector taking place at a speedy pace. The famous industries in Australia include motor vehicles, chemical industry, food processing, textile industry, etc. The government has also removed various tariffs and is supporting the manufacturing sector so as to stimulate private investment in the industry. In the coming years, there is likely scope in the manufacturing sector of Australia.
Prominent institutions for study abroad aspirants to study in Australia

  • Southern Cross University – The renowned university offers Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering) at its Lismore Campus. The 4-year program will hone working skills of the students with design of machinery, vibration, water supply, energy technology, production planning, acoustics and noise control, etc. The study abroad aspirants will have diverse career opportunities within Australia and at global platforms in aerospace, automotive, mining, production planning, building industries and so forth.
  • Federation University – For study abroad aspirants, the School of Science, Engineering and Information Technology at the university has Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, Bachelor of Mechatronic Systems Engineering, Master of Mechancial Engineering, Master of Mining Engineering, etc. The Bachelor program requires 6 bands (no band less than 6) in IELTS test and senior secondary education equivalent to Australia and the annual fee of the program is AUD 28,800.
  • University of Sunshine Coast – The institution has diverse locations to study in Australia. Huge campuses, extra-curricular activities, vibrant USC community and infrastructure are the core features of the institution. The institution provides for Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering course which includes understanding of manufacturing methods, engineering and machine design, fluid mechanics, and production engineering. The students can choose to specialise in environmental engineering and supply chain management. To study Mechanical Engineering in Australia, the yearly tuition fee of the 4-year course is A$ 28,600.
  • Victoria University – It offers Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, Bachelor of Building Design, and Bachelor of Building Surveying. The institution provides scholarship opportunities for research and as financial aid. Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering course requires 6 bands overall in IELTS test and good score is mathematics in senior secondary. After study in Australia, the students can opt to work as a mechanical engineer, design engineer, product innovation engineer, systems engineer, engineering manager and so forth.

Apart from these, there are various other universities which offer study program in manufacturing and mechanical engineering in Australia such as Charles Darwin University, University of Queensland, Griffith University, etc. If you consider learning more about study in Australia, you can contact most experienced and professional consultants of the Chandigarh region – West Highlander Consultancy. Contact No. – 9915999677, 9915999766.