Study Masters in UK

UK has been one of the preferred study abroad destinations among international students. It has got a history of providing good education which is recognised worldwide. UK is home to some of the best universities in the world. If you choose UK as you study destination you get to live and study in one of the developed economies of the world

If you are a student who has done his graduation from India and is looking to study Masters in UK then there are various benefits you may avail if you choose UK as your study abroad destination.

The biggest attraction of studying Masters in UK is that the students can apply for the dependent visa of their spouses. Living in a foreign destination may be challenging and if you have got family support the process becomes quite easier. The biggest benefit of UK is that the student spouse visa application for UK is processed along with the main student visa application .So among many benefits that the UK offers to international students is of the spouse Visa .other benefits of studying Masters in UK are students get to work part time while on study in UK visa.  After the successful completion of your course on UK student visa the applicants may be eligible to apply for a post study work visa of up to two years. This is known as graduate route in UK Visas. Getting a job on a post study work visa and working in UK may lead to UK PR after completion of studies

Course options for Masters level in UK

In UK there is a taught Masters Degree and a research Masters degree

Taught Master degree

Taught Masters Degree are of 4 types

  • Masters of Arts- MA
  • Masters of Science- MSc
  • Masters of Engineering- MEngg
  • MBA

Research Masters Degree

The most common research Masers degree in UK is PhD. It may take the students about 3 to 4 years to complete.

Other qualification at Research level in UK includes Master of philosophy, Master of Research.

Masters course in UK

Students may choose from hundreds of options available depending on their career goals. Few of the courses are

  • Accounting
  • Accounting and Finance
  • ACS: Artificial Intelligence
  • ACS: Computer Security
  • ACS: Data and Knowledge Management
  • ACS: Digital Biology
  • Actuarial Science
  • Adult Nursing
  • Advanced Audiology Studies
  • Advanced Audiology Studies
  • Advanced Chemical Engineering
  • Advanced Clinical Optometric Practice
  • Advanced Computer Science
  • Advanced Control and Systems Engineering
  • Advanced Control and Systems Engineering with Extended Research
  • Advanced Electrical Power Systems Engineering
  • Advanced Engineering Materials
  • Advanced Leadership for Professional Practice
  • Advanced Leadership for Professional Practice
  • Architecture
  • Business Analysis and Strategic Management
  • Business Analytics: Operational Research and Risk Analysis

The students can find number of courses for their further studies in UK at Masters level. The students may choose a course depending on their career aspiration as well as their academic and work experience history.

Duration of Masters Course in UK

Another benefit of studying Masters in UK is that the duration of Masters Courses is a one year. Students may find most of the courses at Masters Level which they can complete in one year. There may be certain courses like nursing and other courses where the duration may be more than one year. The students are encouraged to check the exact duration with the University of the Course they wish to study in UK

Tuition fee for Masters in UK

Studying Masters in UK is comparatively economical as compared to other study abroad destinations. International students may find a course starting from GBP 16000. The course fee may be higher depending on the university you wish to study.