Travel to Australia on Subclass 600, while visa 309 is under process

Can I apply Australia visitor visa subclass 600, while my 309 spouse visa is under process?

One of the common queries received by MARA agents in Chandigarh have been how to reduce Australia waiting time for temporary resident visa subclass 309. Subclass 309 is a temporary residency visa for Australia for partner’s of Australia resident and citizens. Going forward we would be discussing in detail how you can travel to Australia on subclass 600 while your temporary residency visa subclass 309 is under process.

Consider the following hypothetical case- Ramandeep married her childhood friend who is an Australian resident last year. She applied for temporary residency visa for Australia under subclass 309 and was waiting for its processing. She consulted registered MARA agents in Chandigarh, West Highlander for expediting the waiting time and being with her partner sooner.

Our expert registered MARA agent suggested Ramandeep to apply for subclass 600 or visitor visa for Australia successfully while her PR visa 309 is under process. Following were the conditions for both:

Australia spouse visa subclass 309

Subclass 309 is Australia spouse visa is a temporary visa for applicants who have their partner’s holding Australia resident or citizenship. This visa subclass class is your first step towards Australia PR through subclass 100. While on this visa an applicant can stay in Australia indefinitely until you have a confirmation on your status of subclass visa approved. One of the common reasons for applicants applying for Australia visa 309 and later subclass 100 is that it ensures a faster processing time. Also being on visa subclass 309 one can work or study in Australia without any restrictions.

Australia visitor visa subclass 600

For applicants planning to ensure a shorter waiting time one of the sure way is to travel to Australia via visitor visa subclass 600. This ensures that one can be with their partner soon as the processing time for application for visa subclass 309 would vary as per the individual case. Australia subclass 600 visa ensures easier requirements and one can be with their partner while the decision on your temporary residency visa is being decided. So one need not worry about the processing time for Australia partner visa subclass 309. Your purpose of being with your partner in Australia is fulfilled.

Requirements for Australia subclass visa 309

Applicants planning to apply for Australia PR need to check the following partnership conditions:

  1. Partner in Australia must hold an Australia permanent residency visa or citizenship.
  2. Marriage needs to be recognized by Australian law.
  3. You must provide sufficient proofs for the relationship. This may include documentation which supports public and social recognition of your marriage, financial aspects of the relationship, any joint properties you may hold, any joint loan you may have, any joint accounts you may have. These are few of the examples of the relationship documentation which may support your partnership application for Australia..
  4. Proving long term relationship status can increase the processing time.
  5. Your husband or wife who in Australia under PR/citizenship needs to meet the sponsorship conditions.
  6. Your Australian partner cannot sponsor you if they have already sponsored 2 other applicants on this visa.
  7. If your Australian partner was sponsored through this visa subclass in last 5 years they would not be eligible to sponsor you.
  8. In case your spouse holds a New Zealand citizenship then also one can apply for subclass visa 309.
  9. Ensure you meet documentation and subclass 309 requirements.
  10. Medical checkup, police verification and value statement evaluation is also must.