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Victoria University rebrands TAFE as polytechnic

Last Updated on November 14, 2017 by West Highlander

Victoria University is planning to rebrand its vocational education wing as Victoria Polytechnic in a bid to rebuild lost market share in the state’s deregulated vocational market.

Victoria University’s TAFE operation have lost about 50 percent of its revenues in the last four years, from a combination of funding cuts and lost market share as the private providers hustling for government subsidies in the open training market.

This remodelling process involves a greater focus on delivering  “content??? online using interactive teaching platforms e.g., quizzes, tests and videos and focusing campus  attendance around acquiring technical skills and practice in work- like settings as in case of nursing, childcare and trade ‘labs’.

According to the Vice- chancellor Peter Dawkins, “The new polytechnic would build on the university’s commitment to provide opportunities and success for communities across the west.???