Visa conditions students need to follow while in Australia

Getting a student visa is the first step toward your Study in Australia journey. Students holding Australia study visa need to follow the conditions listed on their visa letters else they risk having their Australia student visas cancelled. Here we would explain some of the common conditions attached to your Australia Student visa and also discuss the implications it may cause if you do not follow them. We recommend students that they discuss with their study in Australia about the visa conditions mentioned in their visa grant letters.
We would like to advice international students aspiring to Study in Australia to follow their visa conditions to have a seamless study abroad experience. Not following any one of the conditions may become reason of cancelation of your Australia student visa
Australia student Visa condition on Work Limitation

  • Do not start any kind of work before your course begins.
  • Do not engage in part time work of more than 40 hours fortnightly during your course session unless you are studying Masters Degree by research or a doctoral degree. This condition is mentioned as 8105- work limitation on your Australia student visa letter
    Australia Student Visa condition on meeting course requirements
    Your main purpose to be in Australia is to study. So according to this visa condition you must meet your course requirements. You must be enrolled in the course and make satisfactory progress along with satisfying your attendance requirements. You must graduate with a qualification that is at least at a level mentioned in your visa letter. This condition is mentioned as 8202- Meet course requirements in your Australia study visa letter
    Australia study visa condition on maintaining health insurance
    Having a health insurance is a must for international students while in Australia. Students must take care that they must not enter Australia unless their overseas student health cover commonly known as OSHC has started. This is mentioned as 8501- maintain health insurance in your Australia student visa letter.
    Study in Australia visa condition of maintain eligibility of your student visa
    This visa condition means that while n Australia on student via you must maintain the eligibility for which you aware granted your study in Australia visa. Any change in course at a lower level after reaching Australia may become reason of cancellation of your Australia student visa as you would not be maintaining your eligibility. This is mentioned as 8516-must maintain eligibility in your Australia study visa letter.
    Above are few f the conditions that Australia student visa holders must take care while in Australia. Any breach in above of the conditions may become reason of cancellation of you Study in Australia visa.
    After getting approval of your Australia study visa discuss your Study in Australia consultant about the visa conditions attached with your visa. You must properly understand these so that you may enjoy your stay in Australia. Any breach in the conditions mentioned in your visa letter may make you ineligible to apply for your PSW visa for Australia