West Highlander supports New Zealand

28th March 2019: An Event was organised to discuss the Christchurch incident occurred in New Zealand. The Director and Managing Director gathered with the staff of West Highlander and the focus of the gathering was on how NZ is a very safe place for International Students. The Director, Ms Parwinder Kaur showed her condolences for the victims of Christchurch Incident and said that irrespective of this unfortunate incident we continue to believe in New Zealand and West Highlander is in support of New Zealand.  Mr. Gurvinder Kang, the Managing Director agreed and added that New Zealand offers top-notch quality education to the International Students, provides their full support and co-operation to give International Students a proper opportunity to flourish. This incident doesn’t change the outlook of West Highlander team for New Zealand. Every team member unanimously agreed on this. This event was concluded on the note of everyone vowing to continue to support New Zealand.