What are the intakes to Study in Canada?

Canada, a prosperous country, has earned the reputation of providing best educational facilities among diverse nationalities of the world. The cross-cultural and multi-lingual environment of Canada is welcoming towards new entrants. It has highly ranked universities and colleges, state of the art technologies and equipments, proactive education environment and ample employment opportunities. A study intake in Canada means initiation of a new session when new students join in to acquire education. Normally, there are three intakes in Canada – September or fall, winter, and May or spring intake.
September Intake – This is the most preferred intake owing to various reasons. These are

  • highest number of courses available at this intake,
  • Indian international students who aim to study in Canada after completion of their senior secondary schooling in March and result announcement in June and undertaking IELTS exam during that duration are more likely to apply in this intake.
  • There are maximum number of scholarships and financial aids in this intake.
  • The weather conditions are adequate to start the educational venture for international students.
  • The students of fall intake have an edge over other students as they have maximum time to cover up their terms and prepare for campus recruitment and placement opportunities.
  • For admission into universities, this is the prime intake.

Winter Intake – It starts in January and has more courses as compared to May intake. It is also a good opportunity if you missed out in September intake due to some emergency or poor health or visa decline or low scores in IELTS, etc. In this intake, there are more opportunities in colleges than universities.
May Intake – It is also called spring intake and has least number of courses open comparatively. Usually, there are vacations at this time and students opt out for internships or part-time jobs or visit their homes. Some students take classes in this duration as some of the courses are open.
Having learnt about the various intakes to study in Canada, now you can apply appropriately in the intake that suits your requirement most. If you require more information regarding study abroad, kindly contact West Highlander. They bear unmatchable expertise and are well-versed with the norms of study abroad industry. Contact No. – 9915999677, 9915999766.