What is Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP) introduced by Canada?

  • What is AIPP?
    Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program – this has been launched as a Program by the Atlantic Provinces in synchronization with the Federal Government. This is basically a new Employer-Driven Immigration Program which is meant for potential Immigrants and Employers with skills.

  • Which are the Atlantic Provinces that are participating in this AIPP?
  • Nova Scotia
  • New Brunswick
  • Prince Edward Island
  • New Foundland and Labrador
  • Why AIPP – Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program?
    An Employer-Driven Program implemented to overcome the labour shortages in the four Atlantic Provinces of Canada.

    The main motive behind this is to attract and retain skilled Immigrants and International Graduates which will fill the requirement of efficient workforce in the Atlantic Region. This is going to ensure the long-term retention and integration of newcomers in Atlantic Canada which will contribute to the economic growth.

  • Why it has been extended?
    This was launched in March 2017 as AIP by the Government of Canada with the Atlantic Provinces. Under this, there were 1,896 AIP Designated Employers in Atlantic Region as noted on 25th February, 2017. Over 3,729 Job-Offers were made available for Foreigners of International Graduates. In this lieu, over 2,535 applications were already approved destined for PR or already in the Atlantic Canada.

    Now it has been extended by two years to December 2021. Within this time-frame, the IRCC and the Atlantic Provinces will get more time to assess the innovative aspects which are:

    1. Employer-Oriented Approach
    2. Settlement Plan (Mandatory)
    3. New Model of Partnership with the Atlantic Provinces and ACOA.
  • What are the benefits of AIPP?
    For International Graduates: As per this, the International graduates will get 24 months in total of Post Graduation in which they can apply for AIP any time. (The number of International Graduates participating in AIP will increase and they will have enough time to get through with the whole PR Application Process).

    For Employees of Healthcare Sector: The Employers in the Health Care Sector will be able to hire Internationally-Trained Nurses which can perform their tasks as Care & Home Care Support Workers to fill-up the job vacancies in this sector immediately.

    Other Benefit:

    NOW – Your Spouse/Common Law Partner can apply for Open- Work Permit.

    (Iff you have Work Permit through AIP and your job is listed as Skill Type 0, or Skill Level A, B or C in the National Occupation Classification).

  • How this is a Pathway to Permanent Residency?
    This is an easy pathway to PR (Permanent Residency of Canada) for the people who’re skilled foreigner workers or International Graduates. They through this can easily work and live in one of the four Atlantic Provinces of Canada.

  • What are the REQUIREMENTS for International Graduates?
    An International Graduate applying for AIP needs:

    1. To fulfil Eligibility Requirements
    2. Get a Job Offer
    3. Submit the Application

    The International Graduates fall under the ATLANTIC INTERNATIONAL GRADUATE PROGRAM.

    The Eligibility Requirements are:

  • Degree/Diploma from a recognised Publicly Funded Institution which is in the Atlantic Province of Canada.
  • Must be a full time student
  • Must have lived in Atlantic Province for 16 months atleast before acquiring their qualification.
  • Proof of your Communication skills in English or French
  • Proof of Funds
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