What is the application process for admission in a Canadian Institute?

The Canadian institutes are highly sought after among students of developed and developing countries owing to qualitative education, multi-cultural environment, well-off infrastructure, practical teaching and training method and much more. These factors have fascinated students to apply to study in Canada in its worldly renowned institutions.

Now, let us understand the requirements that international students are required to fulfill to attain admission in a Canadian Institution either college or university.

  • Firstly, the student needs to identify the field of study he or she wants to pursue and the appropriate institution in apt region.
  • After deciding that, student should search out on the institution’s website about the specific requirements they have for granting admission.
  • There are some general requirements which all institutions ask for. These are valid passport, language ability requirement, previous education background, character assessment, etc.
  • Language Ability requirement – Canada has two official languages: English and French. English being the international language is more preferred and those international students whose first language is not English are required to undertake tests like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, etc. to prove their language proficiency. Now, there is some minimum score requirement for that i.e. to apply for undergraduate level courses, the student must have earned 6 Band in IELTS and for post graduate courses, the student must gain at least 6.5 Band.
  • Previous qualification – To study in Canada, the student must apply in the course that matches with his or her previous qualification or the one that proves helpful to the student in his professional endeavor. The student must have attained first or second division to qualify as an applicant.
  • Academic certificates – The students are required to obtain academic transcripts for the qualifications they have attained till date. For undergraduate level course, the student must have done senior secondary schooling from an accredited board and for post graduate education; the student is required to have done graduation from a recognized institution or university.
  • Curriculum Vitae, Letter of Recommendation – Some renowned universities in Canada demand proper and updated Curriculum Vitae and also LORs so as to assess the potential and capability and seriousness of the students.
  • Letter of Intent (LOI) – For some professional courses like MBA, Law, etc. the institutions demand a letter from student that he is supposed to write himself mentioning reasons for study abroad, knowledge of profession, career plans, etc.
  • GMAT – This is the exam which is required from the students who want to undertake Master of Business Management (MBA) program. This is an entrance examination which is recognized by most study abroad destinations of the world.

To apply to study in Canada, students are required to submit all these documents with the institution and enroll themselves in the appropriate course through the institution’s website. Then, after making appropriate assessment, the institution will revert back within a period of one week to two months. If they find your profile satisfactory; they will issue Letter of Acceptance, otherwise your application is declined.

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