What is the difference between SDS and Non SDS Visa Application for Study in Canada?

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Canada is one of the popular choices among Indian students planning to go for higher studies. The Great White North or Maple leaf Country offers several benefits to students planning to study in Canada. Firstly, there are numerous colleges and universities in Canada which offer easier study program requirements which the students can fulfill easily. Moreover, one can qualify under either SDS or Non SDS visa application process to apply for study permit to Canada. Post-study work permit and numerous benefits of being in Canada are available to students who plan on taking the Canada study program pathway.

Going forward we would elaborate on the difference between SDS and Non SDS visa application and how you can qualify for the study visa for Canada?

difference between SDS and Non SDS visa Difference between SDS and Non SDS visa applications

What is SDS (Student Direct Stream) Visa for Canada?

Student Direct Stream (SDS) is a program to bring efficiency and effectiveness in the Canada Visa Application.  Earlier program of SPP or Student Partner Program has been now replaced by SDS to assist Indian students to apply for Canada study visa with lesser processing time.

SDS Canada Requirements 2022

There are mainly three requirements under SDS visa application which international students are required to abide by to study in Canada in 2022. These are –

  1. The students are required to obtain 6 bands in each module in IELTS test to apply visa under SDS program.
  2. The students are required to deposit entire tuition fee of the first year at the Canadian institution instead of semester fee. The institution either college or university should possess valid Designated Learning Institution (DLI) number.
  3. The student should obtain GIC of $10,000.

SDS Visa Success Rate 2022

As per the immigration data SDS Visa applicants have seen a positive success rate from 2018 onwards. While in 2020 the pandemic resulted in slower SDS visa application approvals there has been positive SDS visa success rates received for 2022 applicants. Moreover the documentation requirements to apply for SDS visa for Canada are quite simple. Having an IELTS band of 6 each in all of the four modules is an indicator of good English language ability. If all other factors of having continuity in education and selection of a relevant course are taken care of then the SDS visa success rate is good.

What is Non SDS visa for Canada?

 In case the applicant is unable to meet the financial requirement of SDS visa that is deposit entire fee for first year or are unable to meet the IELTS 6 requirement then they can apply under Non SDS visa for Canada. All the applicants who miss out on any of the above mentioned provisions are counted under Non-SDS visa applications or general visa applications. The document requirement in case of a Non SDS visa is more as compared to SDS. Under non SDS category the applicants are required to show funds for the complete duration of their course. This is mandatory condition to meet under non SDS student visa for Canada. The funds requirements of tuition fee and cost of living for the complete duration of the proposed course in Canada.

How do I apply for Non SDS visa for Canada?

Candidates planning to apply for Non SDS visa for Canada need to meet the requirements for Non SDS application. In case you have IELTS 5.5 in one of the modules or you would be paying tuition fee for the semester then you can apply under Non SDS visa. Applicants need to consult their Canada study visa consultants in Chandigarh, West Highlander for free profile assessment and complete documentation procedure.

How long does Non SDS visa take?

 For both SDS and Non SDS visa the processing time is 45 days or lesser. Further, applying at the right time (intake) and complete documentation can ensure faster processing time.

Non SDS visa requirements 2022

Following are the requirements for documents under the Non SDS visa 2022. The study abroad aspirants should necessarily include following documents in their Non SDS visa 2022 application:

  1. Letter of Acceptance from DLI institution.
  2. Medical exam confirmation document copy
  3. GIC of $10,000 proof
  4. Proof of paid tuition fee
  5. Financial Documents (For ensuring future tuition fee plan)
  6. Proof of IELTS test score

Non SDS visa success rate 2022

Non SDS Visa success rate 2021 for applicants would completely depend on the documents provided for their application success. Your visa officer should be convinced of your genuine intentions and your financial situation. This implies that you should be able to pay the tuition fee in the future. The more documents you provide in consultation with your Canada study visa consultants in Chandigarh, higher are your chances of success.

Note- The Student Direct Stream program is a replacement of SPP policy and has been devised with the support of Scotia Bank. The program has expedited the visa process to study in Canada.

Should I apply for my Canada study visa under SDS or non SDS

SDS and non SDS are 2 visa categories for Canada study visa. Both the programs have different visa documentation requirements. If you can fulfil the requirements of SDS (Student Direct Stream) Visa for Canada then it is highly recommended that you apply under SDS category and avail the process which requires minimal study visa documentation and avail faster Canada student visa processing time.

SDS Colleges in Canada

There is as such no list of SDS colleges in Canada. SDS visa for Canada is not related to any college but it has to do with requirements one must meet for their Canada study visa to be considered under SDS for Canada. These requirements are

Payment of full one year tuition fee in a DLI authorised to recruit international students

Guaranteed income certificate that is GIC of Canadian dollars 10000

IELTS band score of 6 in each of the four modules of IELTS

Upfront medical examination

If you do not meet even any single above mentioned conditions then your application would fall under non SDS for Canada study visa despite being enrolled in any designated learning institute authorised to recruit international students.

So if you would like your application to be considered under SDS category fulfil the above mentioned requirements for SDS visa for Study in Canada.

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