What to expect from New Zealand dependent visa interview call?

Telephonic interviews play an important part in the assessment of your dependent work/ visitor application for New Zealand. The visa officer may call you during the process to gain further information from you about your partnership or any other matter relevant to your spouse visa application. There is nothing to panic about the interview call from Immigration New Zealand. The purpose of the interview is to gather information about your application and any further information the case officer may need to make decision about your application.
Keep in mind the following points

  • Do not be nervous be normal
  • Do not panic
  • Be truthful and honest
  • Do not cut short your answers
  • Be clear about the question and answer accordingly.

Interviews are taken to assist in decision making. They are not taken with an intention to refuse the New Zealand dependent visa application as the misconception may be. The case officer may want to have more clarity about inception of your relationship, about how you met each other, about various ceremonies that may have taken place during the wedding or after the wedding.
One of the important points to keep in mind is to be honest and truthful in your answers. If the visa officer finds out some information which is not consistent with documents submitted or with the information of your spouse it may raise credibility issues. Lack of credible information may pose serious problems with your New Zealand dependent visa application. So the golden rule is to be sincere and honest with the information you give in support of your New Zealand dependent visa application.
 Ms Parwinder Kaur one of the key team members of West Highlander is a Full licensed Adviser licensed by Immigration Adviser Authority New Zealand since 2010. We have since then served hundreds of clients aspiring to join their spouses in New Zealand on dependent visa. For any queries you may have about your dependent visa application please contact experienced full license holder adviser at West Highlander Chandigarh.