Which are the best Universities of Canada?

It is a natural human behaviour and instinct that makes us to incline towards the best and the most fascinating things. In case of educational institutions, the students round the world aspire to attain education at world’s best universities settled in Canada. There are various criterion such as worldwide ranking, research facilities, courses offered, mentor and mentee achievements, student satisfaction level, infrastructure, campus facilities, reputation, educational standards maintained, co-curricular balance, etc. which will help us analyse the scenario of educational institutions on the basis of several factors and categorise them accordingly.
Various universities along with the facilities provided by them

  • University of Toronto – The University has ranked 1st in Canada and 28th in the whole world owing to its commendable research facilities and achievements. A public research university with 11 colleges, it has earned huge appreciation for its engineering school and law faculty. The students can avail exclusive opportunities like internships, field courses, research projects and more under researchers. To pursue a master’s level degree or doctoral degree, there are about 175 research and professional programs spread across 80 departments and interdisciplinary research in more than 40 collaborative programs. With spacious campus and ample extra-curricular opportunities, the university is undoubtedly a fascinating option to study in Canada.
  • University of British Columbia – One of the oldest educational institutions in Canada, the university has always upgraded itself as per the requirements of the market, technological scenarios and trends and is like a perennial river. The university has produced several world leaders as three Canadian Prime Ministers have graduated from UBC, eight noble prize winners are associated with university and much more. The excelling departments of the institution include geography, mineral and mining engineering and sports related subjects. The institution is home to concert hall, working farm, an Olympic ice hockey venue, Canada’s largest blue whale skeleton and so forth.
  • McGill University – The renowned institution attracts thousands of study abroad aspirants every year from over 150 countries. The institution has half century research centers and institutions, up to 500 programs, cherishable history and congenial environs to study. The university has ranked first in QS Best Student Studies 2017. To study in Canada, the university proposes compelling scholarship plans every year for international students.
  • University of Alberta – The QS Global World Ranking of the university is #109. The university has attracted brilliant and most intellectual minds of the world through its leading public research intensive opportunities. Located in Alberta, a hub of thriving energy industry, the university is known to produce employment generators and not seekers.

Till now, we have learnt about the enthralling features of some famed universities of Canada. There are various others which live by the status of best universities of Canada such as McMaster University, University of Waterloo, Western University, etc. Undoubtedly, all of them exhibit some features that make them best universities of Canada. If you consider having more knowledge about study in Canada, courses or universities, you can consult experts at West Highlander. West Highlander is a study abroad consultancy to cater to the needs of young aspirants who want to attain education overseas. Contact at 9915999677, 9915999766.