Which is the highest paid engineering job in Canada?

In this article we would be discussing some of the highest paid engineering jobs in Canada. In case you are about to start your career in engineering or a professional looking towards Canada as your next success destination read along.

Civil Engineer

Regarded as one of the oldest professions and one of the most in demand disciplines in engineering Civil engineering has made the cut for the best or highest paid engineering job in Canada. The profession is known for expert design, building and analyzing construct works that includes roads, buildings, bridges, tunnels, sewage systems, and various infrastructure projects. A highly reputable and core need of the growing economy on an average a civil engineer in Canada can earn around 71, 437 CAD annually.

Quality Control Engineer

Quality Control engineers in Canada have several duties. A quality control engineer is responsible for developing, executing and regulating processes to ensure high quality manufacture parts are made. The job involves identifying ways for measuring and upscale of manufactured part, ensuring factors affecting quality and developing newer strategies for improved products. Additionally, QA engineers ensure raw materials for manufacture meet standardized quality practices and machineries run smoothly. Every industry requires the services of professional quality control engineers. As a QA Engineer you can earn 72,500 CAD per year.

Engineering Manager

As an engineering manager you are responsible for ensuring that projects and engineering jobs are completed.  From offering technical assistance, assigning and delegating tasks to subordinate engineers, proposing budgets, training new recruits and attending conferences and trade shows engineering managers have various roles to play. Further, the team up with sales team to create new products and prepare reports on projects. The average salary for engineering managers is 102,500 CAD per year.

Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical engineers in Canada are responsible for developing power induced machinery such as combustion engines, steam and gas turbines, electric generators and power induced machines like refrigeration and air conditioning systems. Moreover, mechanical engineers are involved in computer technology aided systems functioning such as join sensors, controller and various other machines. Using computers they analyze designs, run simulations, and test the workings of machines, and their interactions with other systems. Mechanical engineer has diverse and several umbrella branches and professional roles such as auto research engineers, heating and cooling systems engineers, and robotic engineers. On an average you can earn around 66,197 CAD per year.

Electrical Engineer

Electrical engineers are responsible for developing design, managing and testing electrical devices and equipment such as communication systems, power generators, motors & navigation systems, and electrical systems for automobiles and aircraft. One of the core NOC level 0 and A jobs there are several immigration programs for electrical engineers currently in Canada. They are further responsible for installation and operations standards and customer requirements by preparing electrical systems specifications, technical drawings, or topographical maps. They also prepare specifications for purchase of electrical equipment and materials and additional write reports and compile data on existing and potential electrical engineering projects and studies. On an average an electrical engineer can earn CAD 78,511 per year.

Project Engineer

Project engineers are responsible for the smooth management of engineering and technical projects. Further preparing schedules, organizing, and inspecting engineering projects is part of the profession. Additionally, project engineers monitor compliance to applicable codes, practices, QA/QC policies, performance standards, and specifications. They also form channel of communication between customers and understanding their concerns and requirements. On an average a project engineer earns about CAD 75,068 per year.

Project Manager

Project engineering managers lead and direct specialized engineers. They make sure that engineering projects comply with safety regulations and standards. Further they prepare cost proposals and maintain financial records for projects. Moreover they supervise the development and testing of products by ensuring projects are completed with efficiency and t interpret and translate customers’ requirements for specific products. On an average their salary is CAD 95,361 per year.

Transportation Engineer

Transportation engineers are involved with developing technologies and scientific theories to plan, design, operate and manage facilities for modes of transportation. They ensure safety, efficiency, convenience; economy and environmental factors are not neglected. They further work to modify current functional roads, streets, highways and ensuring congestion and other elements are removed. There job roles involve interacting with server other professionals such as include project engineer, rail engineer, roadway designer, roadway engineer, traffic engineer, and traffic operations engineer.CAD 89,539 per year is the average salary for transportation engineers.