Why study in UK?

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, commonly known as the United Kingdom (UK) or Britain, is a sovereign country located off the north-western coast of the European mainland. This country after United States has become the most preferred destination for students to pursue their education. Each year approximately 500,000 students from around the globe enrol themselves in the universities, colleges or institutions of the UK to pursue their higher education.

What are the reasons that UK is highly preferred by the International Students?

What can be the reasons that are going to persuade you to study in UK, if you’re also a study abroad aspirant?

  • Education Quality – The Education of the UK is divided into four countries of the UK, independently operated.  In the United Kingdom, higher education is offered by universities and non-university institutions (colleges, institutes, schools and academies) and provide both research-oriented and higher professional education. The higher education under the British name is highly valued worldwide for its quality and maintaining rigorous academic standards. World’s most prominent institutions of higher learning which are ranked among the top Universities are located in the UK: University of Cambridge, Oxford University, and Imperial College etc.
  • Worldwide Recognition – The stature of High Education Degrees and Qualifications is appreciated worldwide in terms of academics and the employers greatly value the British Education. Its education has also reputation for world-class research.
  • Great Range of Programs – With internationalising the higher education for the foreign study abroad aspirants, it also opened gates for them to choose from 50,000 programs offered in over 25 different disciplines of studies.
  • Duration of Programs – Comparatively to other countries having traditional completing time for any degree, the programs offered in the UK can be covered in less duration which automatically reduces the study-cost and living expenses.

Advantages you get as an International student to study in UK:

  • If your Medium of Instruction is English then UK grants you IELTS WAIVER*.
  • As an International Student flying to study in UK, you are PERMITTED TO WORK for 20 hours in a week through which you can easily afford your regular expenditures while studying.
  • POST-STUDY-WORK Permit of 2 years is given to the students after graduating to build up their International Work Experience by working in the UK itself.

Along with these, other benefits are handy like International Exposure, Confidence building, exploring new places, cuisines, culture internationally etc which a student automatically takes advantage of when he/she fly from their home country to study-abroad. If you also aspire to study in UK, apply through West Highlander – Study Abroad Consultancy. The Director Ms. Parwinder Kaur along with being an Education UK Certified Counsellor has 14 years of experience in counselling study-abroad aspirants. She has counselled plethora of students and have helped them to achieve their dream of studying abroad. Reach West Highlander and get your counselling done for absolutely FREE.

*Depends upon the requirement of the University.