Without a job offer can I immigrate to Canada?

Last Updated on October 19, 2020 by West Highlander

Without a job offer can I immigrate to Canada?


The answer is a big YES! If you are worried that without a job offer you cannot apply for Canada PR you are mistaken.

Canadian permanent residency can be provided to you with either Express entry or Provincial Nominee Program.

Under guidance of the best Canada immigration consultants you can fulfill your dream of Canada PR without worrying about a job offer.

Here is how you can apply for immigration for Canada PR:

  1. Express Entry- Federal Skilled Worker Program

If you have these three:

  • A skilled work experience for minimum 1 year.
  • Language efficiency in English.
  • Secondary or post secondary education.

You can definitely qualify under the express entry for federal skilled worker program. The program is designed for foreign skilled workers who wish to immigrate to Canada and get permanent residency.


You would be assessed for all the three requirements and would be given assessment scores for the same. The minimum requirement for the same is 67 points out of 100. You can score the same for :


  • If you are in the age group of 25-30 you can easily score 12 points
  • For skilled work experience you can get maximum 15 points
  • For language ability the maximum you can get is 28 points
  • For education you can get 25 points maximum
  • For adaptability you can get 10 points and in case you have a job offer then additional 10 points.


Once you meet the passing score you can create your express entry profile and then your profile would be ranked on the CRS. Here you will be ranked out of 1200 points. Once you get selected from the draw pool you can apply for Canada PR.

Now in case you do not get a desired score you can apply for PNP (Provincial Nominee Program) for which can get you 600 points. This can maximize your chances of permanent residency in Canada.

Provincial Nominee Program

If you desire to settle in one of the provinces of Canada you can do it by Provincial Nominee Program or PNP is the answer for you. This program can also help you in case you do not meet the express entry cut off.


  • Each of these provinces have a requirement for skilled and semi skilled workers as per their labor market.
  • If your skill work experience matches any of the list of these provinces you can definitely immigrate to Canada without a job offer.
  • All you need to do is meet the minimum requirements of the province and submit an expression of interest.
  • Once successful you will receive a PNP nomination and can easily apply for Canada PR without a job offer.



To understand the programs and their requirements it is best to consult a Canada immigration consultant. West Highlander has set the benchmark in successful immigration results. With licensed experts who can assess your profile and suggest you the most suitable option for your profile you can easily fulfill your dream of Canada PR in no time.