Apply student visa with genuine study abroad consultant

Study abroad is one of the very important decisions of international students so it becomes very crucial that you select your Study Abroad consultant very carefully. One comes across various study abroad consultants and it may be a challenging to choose the right consultant for you. To choose professional and genuine study visa consultants below are few tips and guidelines which may help study abroad aspirants choose a professional and a genuine student visa consultant.
Question the following to your study abroad consultant before deciding to process your application. Ask for evidences.

  • Professional memberships and licenses
    Check the professional memberships and licenses the Study Abroad Agent has. These ensure that your consultant has got a code of conduct to follow and will provide you with ethical services.  Your Study abroad decision involves spending a huge amount of money so it is very important that your consultant guides you with the best possible options available for you.

  • Contracts with Universities and colleges
    This is very important to check. Your Study abroad agent must have direct tie-ups with university / colleges to provide you with efficient services. Not only are the services efficient but they are free also as most of the Universities pay their authorised representatives for successful recruitment of International students.

  • Services they provide
    Study abroad process includes core services like counselling, admission with university and visa filing services. Check with your student visa consultant if he can directly provide you with these services

  • Charges For services
    Direct representatives of colleges / Universities generally do not charge or have  minimal charges for their services of counselling admission and visa filing. Ask your student visa consultant about the charges.

  • Success rate
    Success rate matters a lot. Ask your study visa consultant about their success rate with their offer letters, student visa applications. Ask for testimonials of the students who have availed their services.

  • Number of years in the industry
    Discuss with your Study Abroad consultant the number of years they have been in the Industry. The experience of the consultant in dealing with study abroad services matters a lot.

  • Experience with Study Abroad cases
    Also see the experience and exposure the consultant has in the country you would like to apply. The exposure to hundreds of different kinds of situations / profiles makes a solid background to provide customised services.
    Be in safe hands by checking all the above parameters before deciding to pursue your Study visa application with the consultant.