Australia business Visa minimum investment in 2021

Australia Business Visa Minimum Investment in 2021

Australia with its warm and favorable temperature and immense opportunities has become one of the sought after names for migration. With favorable opportunities available to migrate the Australia business visa program is becoming popular among applicants. Business innovation visa subclass 188 offers overseas business owners and investors opportunity to migrate to Australia. Applicants are allowed to manage and own a new or existing business in Australia. Applicants planning to apply for Australia business visa would require minimum investment 2021 criteria. There are numerous benefits for the investor and your entire family-dependent spouse and children.

Australia Business Investor Visa

Australia business investor visa is popular for investors to immigrate in 2021 from India. Under the business investor visa for Australia applicants can expand existing business or invest in Australia. Further benefit includes that you can bring family members to Australia-spouse and dependent children. The main condition is that you must be younger than 55 years of age. Australian immigration would not grant permanent residence visa on the first stage of you investing for visa 188. Permanent Residence visa is attained at the second stage after meeting certain requirements and conditions.

Eligibility requirement for Australia Business Investor Visa 2021

Following are the requirements to be eligible under the Australia Business Investor Visa 2021 program:

  1. Firstly, you need to obtain a minimum of 65 points in the point based requirement for the business investor visa. These points are awarded for age, English language ability, qualifications, experience in business or investment, net personal and business assets, business turnover, innovation, special endorsement and an overall successful career in business.
  2. Applicant would have to provide documents in support of the business history and successes of their previous business experience.
  3. Moreover applicant must have a personal net worth of AUD 800,000 along with turnover of AUD 500,000 for minimum of 2 years in the last four financial years. This minimum investment is a mandatory requirement for the visa subclass 188.
  4. Applicants should be less than 55 years of age (unless state and territory government waive this requirement if the proposed business is of exceptional economic benefit to the relevant region)
  5. Investors planning to apply for the visa needs to be nominated by a state or territory government or Australian agency to be eligible to apply. There are specific requirements regarding personal assets, business assets, annual turnover, and minimum investment amounts in Australia which your Australia business investment visa consultant in Chandigarh can guide you with.
  6. You would be required to be nominated by an Australian state or territory government by submitting a detailed business proposal with their application.
  7. Firstly, the applicant needs to lodge an Expression of Interest (EOI) and receive an invitation from Department of Immigration to apply for this visa.
  8. For being eligible the applicants must score at least 65 points on the Innovation points test. These points are awarded on the factors-age, English language ability, qualification, experience in business or investment, net personal and business assets, business turnover, innovation, state or territory nomination.

 Why apply for Australia Business Innovation visa?

This visa subclass 188 would allow applicants to apply for 4 years and permits the applicant to own a business in Australia. Your immediate family members including your spouse and dependent children can live, work and study in Australia. With this visa a pathway to permanent residence is available once you meet the requirements. An applicant would be allowed a 2 year extension on meeting the requirements and under certain circumstances.

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