Australia PR immigration consultant in Chandigarh

Applying for Permanent Residence- PR for Australia involves many steps.

First point to consider for Australia PR

The first and foremost is to select the visa subclass for Australia PR you qualify for. There are many visa subclasses for Australia PR.

You need to choose the correct visa subclass if you would like your Australia PR application to be successful. For this you need to consult Registered MARA agents having experience about Australia PR application. In case you are looking for MARA agent in Chandigarh dealing with PR for Australia West highlander is the best PR Australia immigration consultant. They have 16 years of experience in dealing with general skilled migration visa applications.

Following are the visa subclasses for PR to Australia from India

  • Visa subclass 189 – Skilled independent permanent visa
  • Visa Subclass 190 – state sponsored permanent visa.

These both are permanent visas which means when you are granted these visa in India or while you may be Australia you get PR.

Second point to Consider for Australia PR

The second point which the applicants must take care is about the qualifying criteria .These visas are points based and the applicants must meet the minimum threshold criteria. To be able to assess the case accurately and calculate the points properly the best Australia immigration consultant would be a person having qualification and expertise in dealing with skilled migration to Australia. West highlander having office near passport office is a Registered MARA agent in Chandigarh having experience in dealing with Australia immigration visas.

Third point to consider while selecting Best immigration consultant

The third point the applicants must consider is about the steps involved in Australia PR process. There are many steps involved. Once you have decided upon the Australia PR visa subclass and have your case assessed accurately the next thing is the process

Steps involved in Australia PR

There are various steps involved in the application process. Success of one step is compulsory to start with the next steps. The best immigration consultant understands this and hence they prepare your applications and work on them seriously.

Step 1 Select ANZSCO code

The first step in the process is of selecting an ANZSCO code from the skilled occupation list for Australia. ANZSCO is Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations .Applicants must take care that the occupation they are selecting must be correct. They must thoroughly check the job duties and see if the work they do matches the job duties. This is of utmost importance. Your Australia PR consultant will guide you through this first very important step of your PR to Australia.

Step 2 Check the Visa subclasses you may be eligible for

After you have selected an occupation you need to check the visa subclasses you may qualify for. There are many of them and you need to select the best suite to your profile.

Step 3 Calculate the points

After this you need to calculate the points for the visa subclass you may be eligible for.

Step 4 Skills assessment for Australia

You need to send your skill assessment to the skills assessment authority assessing skills for your occupation. You must understand the requirements and send the complete application. Your Australia PR consultant may help you with this

Step 5 Submission of expression of interest for general skilled migration to Australia

Step 6 Applying for state nomination in case if state sponsored visa subclass 190

Under visa subclass 190 you need a state nomination. Check with the states if they open to nominate your occupation. Check the requirements of state nomination and send a complete and accurate state nomination application. State nomination is mandatory for Visa subclass 190

Step 7 Receive invitation to apply ITA for Australia permanent visa

Step 8 Completion of requirements of invitation to apply

All the above steps involved in PR to Australia are very technical. Any mistake in any of the steps may complicate the process which may result in unsuccessful application.