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Canada has become one of the fastest promising options for those planning to look for opportunities to settle and work abroad. With a growing number of Indians looking for migration avenues to settle in foreign nations the Great White North-Canada has become a preferred choice of all. With numerous prospects of Canada PR such as Express Entry, Provincial Nominee Program or Quebec Skilled Worker Program it is certain that one would look for Best Canada Immigration consultants in Chandigarh, that can guide you for the best plan according to your profile and assist you in meeting the requirements and ensuring that you are able to successfully apply for the particular plan.

Canada being an immigration friendly country and inviting more and more immigrants every year to meet its labor market requirement has made it both profitable for the economy of the Maple leaf country-Canada and prospective migrants who wish to open pathways of success.

Going forward, we would be discussing the sources of Canada immigration under experts –Best Canada Immigration Consultants.


Canada Immigration Programs



There are numerous Canada immigration programs that are popular among prospective candidates wishing to apply for Canada PR. The most promising and fast results have been witnessed for Canada express entry, Canada PNP or provincial nominee program and Quebec Skilled Worker program.



Express Entry



  1. Express Entry is a fast immigration program under which you are selected among a pool of candidates on meeting the requirements and scoring high points for your profile.
  2. Under Canada express entry federal skilled worker program, federal skilled trade, and Canada experience class are few subcategories of programs to apply in.
  3. As an Indian experienced candidate, the best program for you would be the federal skilled workers’ program where if your experience and job skills match the requirements of the Canadian labor market you could apply for Canada PR and fulfill your dream of settling in Canada.



Requirements for Express entry: Federal Skilled Worker Program




Skilled Work Experience



  1. You need to have a work experience of at least 1 year of constant work.
  2. The skilled work experience should be eligible under the Canadian National Occupation list level O, A or B for the program in express entry.

Skill Type O- Managerial Jobs

Skill Type A- Professional Jobs

Skill Type B- Technical and Skilled trades



Language Ability



  1. An IELTS score of 6 in each skill of reading, writing, speaking and listening which is CLB 7 is required for this program.
  2. In case you know French it is beneficial however not mandatory.





  1. A minimum of secondary/higher secondary educational qualification is required to apply for the program for Canada PR.
  2. Your educational qualification needs to be assessed under the Educational Credential Assessment which is a simple procedure.


Additionally, sufficient funding and admissibility to Canada are required to ensure you succeed for the program. Your best Canada immigration consultants in Chandigarh are your advisor for the program and its requirements and to succeed with the application process.


Once the minimum requirements are achieved, your application would be reviewed under the following categories:

  1. Age
  2. Education
  3. Work experience
  4. Language skills
  5. Job offer (if any)
  6. Adaptability


These factors would contribute a total score of 100. You would just need a minimum passing score of 67 to be eligible to be placed under the express pool for the federal skilled worker program.

To understand the requirements and apply for the federal skilled worker program for express entry without hassle it is best to consult an expert licensed best Canada immigration consultants. West Highlander established since 2005 have experienced professionals who can efficiently guide you for your Canada PR requirements.



Canada Provincial Nominee Program



Canada Provincial Nominee Program or Canada PNP is an economic immigration program which is for skill workers who have skills, education and previous work experience and wish to become Canada PR. In case you wish to settle in a particular province in Canada then this is the program for you.

  1. There are several PNP programs for Canadian Provinces for Canada PR.
  2. Each province has its own immigration program that targets certain groups of people and has requirements.
  3. Common categories for Indian immigrants planning for Canada PR include skilled workers, skilled trade workers, businessmen and students.
  4. There are two ways to apply for Canada PNP one being having a profile already in the express entry system and being nominated for a province can fetch you 600 CRS points while the other is paper-based process which can be tedious.



Some of the popular PNP programs are:

  1. Alberta PNP
  2. British Columbia PNP
  3. Manitoba PNP
  4. Nova Scotia PNP
  5. Ontario PNP
  6. Saskatchewan PNP
  7. Prince Edward Island PNP
  8. Newfoundland and Labrador PNP
  9. Northwest Territories PNP
  10. New Brunswick PNP
  11. Yukon PNP



Requirements for Canada Immigration: Canada Provincial Nominee Program



As there are various Canada PNP programs with individual requirements however few general requirements include:

  1. A valid passport
  2. Educational Qualification documents (minimum standards as per the particular PNP). Your education qualification needs to be assessed as per ECA.
  3. Previous Work experience documents (the minimum time period of work experience would depend on the PNP program you apply)
  4. Language Proficiency Test score (IELTS/CELPIP/CLB)
  5. Age proof ( This can be supported by passport)
  6. Skill/Work experience under which you have applied to the program should fall under the National Occupation list and match the level as per the province.
  7. In case your spouse and dependent children are planning to accompany you in your Canada PR dream then documents for them would also be required.
  8. Proof of finances that you will be able to support your stay in Canada. Your best Canada immigration consultants in Chandigarh can guide you for meeting the requirements successfully for the program and apply for Canada PR.



Quebec Skilled Worker Program



To move to Canada and settle in Quebec as a skilled immigrant you can apply under Quebec skilled worker program. It is an exceptional program with its own set of requirements which you need to meet set by the Quebec government in order to get Quebec Selection Certificate or CSQ.

Like other federal immigration programs in this program too you would be awarded some points for the requirement criteria that you meet. However, the point’s requirement is comparatively low and therefore if you plan to move to Quebec as a skilled immigrant this is a good option for you.



Requirements for Quebec Skilled worker immigration



To get Canada PR to the province of Quebec you need to meet the following requirements:


  1. Academic Qualification- you can claim maximum of 14 points.
  2. Training- you can claim maximum of 12 points.
  3. Work experience- you can claim maximum of 8 points.
  4. Language Proficiency- maximum of 22 points are awarded.
  5. Age – (You must be 18 years old at the time of applying for the program) points are dependent on your age and maximum points are awarded to candidates between the age of 18-35.
  6. Financial stability/Funds to sustain your stay in Quebec- you can claim 1 point



In case you include your spouse and dependent children in your application for Canada PR you can definitely claim bonus points for the criteria they meet and also in case you have a valid job offer.



You would be required to score minimum of 50 points as an individual applicant and 59 along with spouse. Contact best Canada immigration consultants in Chandigarh to apply for Canada PR successfully and take guidance for tailor made programs based on your requirements.




Benefits of Canada Immigration




  1. Numerous job opportunities
  2. Diverse multicultural societies
  3. Upward Economy
  4. Safe and secure environment to live in
  5. Global standards of education
  6. Immigration benefits
  7. Medical Facilities
  8. High standard of living
  9. Scenic Natural Environment
  10. Canadian Passport –Travel Benefits



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