Best Consultant for Australia study visa

If you would like to apply for study in Australia then choose the best consultant for your visa application.

Among so much noise the students get confused about the consultants. Every consultant claims to be the best. So how do the students know who is the best and reliable consultant for study in Australia. To decide who could be the best agent for your Australia study visa students must check the following

Is the consultant registered?

This is of utmost importance. Check whether the consultant is registered and regulated. For Australian visas it is highly recommended that you apply through registered MARA agents. Immigration advice is a regulated profession in Australia and if you would like to take any immigration assistance onshore then your agent must be a registered MARA agent. It is safe to apply for your Australia visa through a registered MARA Agent.

Important tip

Regulation of consultant is very important. Apply for Australia student visa through MARA agent.

Does your consultant have enough experience?

Another very important point to consider while selecting a consultant for your study in Australia is that how many years of experience does the agent has ? Experience is very important as people learn from their experience and apply that leaning. Experience may be referred to as applied application at work. So check how many years of experience our study in Australia consultant holds and what the number of applications he has processed.

Important Tip

Ask for testimonials from your consultant. Check the reviews and recommendations online

Is your consultant transparent with you?

Do you know what is happening with your application for Australia study visa? Does your agent keep you updated about the steps your application is going through? If not then your Australia student visa consultant is not being transparent with you and this is not good for you. You need to have complete information about what is happening with your application and what documents and information is being attached. You may be requiring it at a later stage for further visa extensions or new visa filing on visa application for any other country. It is not only about current application.

Important Tip

Ask your consultant if he would provide you with services agreement and payment receipts.

So the applicants must see to the above 3 points before finalizing their consultant

So who can be an ideal consultant for you?

To apply for Australian visas applicants must take services of registered MARA agent

Registered migration agents are professionals who can give you immigration assistance

They are registered by Office of Migration Agents registered Authority, a department of Australian immigration and citizenship. They are qualified and licensed to provide you with immigration advice.