Best in Demand Courses in Germany 2021

Power Engineering

Power engineering is one of the most in demand courses in Germany in 2021. The master’s program in power engineering deals with power plant engineering and electricity generation. The course would deal with electricity generation in larger thermal and hydraulic power plants and decentralized generation technologies providing renewable energies. After completion of master’s program there are numerous job opportunities in the energy and power plant sectors in Germany. One can take position as a manufacture of power plants and components as well as energy suppliers. Additionally, one can take on research position and further harness their skill set.

Management and Technology

The two big names currently globally are technology and management. With a Masters in Management and Technology one would be getting best of both the worlds. An outstanding education in management and technology along with technical know-how can open up numerous job opportunities such as project manager, product developer, strategy manager, production manager, controlled, Entrepreneur and HR manager. This is one of the core in demand courses in Germany 2021.

Automotive Production Engineering

The Master’s degree courses in Automotive Production engineering can assist you in making a career as a production planner, plant and operating resource planner, production engineer, plant developer, planning and production management or technology developer. Germany is one of the largest automobile producers and therefore being an automotive production engineer can be a rewarding career opportunity. Further, a degree in International automotive engineering can also be useful in case you wish to have a career in mechatronic systems.

Renewable Energy Systems

Renewable energy systems aim at offering graduates with skilled required implementing, developing and controlling energy systems. Graduates can work on renewable energy technologies which are the current requirement globally and also offer professional solutions. With a degree in the same one can work on planning, government, administration, utilities, Project Development, research and production. One can find a career in energy engineering, environmental engineering and numerous other disciplines.

Masters in Civil Engineering

Masters in Civil Engineering is another in demand courses in Germany 2021 which can prepare you for complex demands of challenging construction, planning and infrastructure projects. By taking on this course one can work independently on numerous technical projects, develop and plan newer strategies or take on teaching and research roles.

Optical Technologies

A Masters in optical technologies program trains specialists and executives for the entire optical industry. The course offers wide engineering and scientific research knowledge to students planning to have a career in the optical industry. The course is an amalgamation of physics and mechanical engineering which addresses consumer needs and design newer technologies and products. One can specialize in various disciplines and find work in metrology, IT, production engineering, technical optics, laser technology and optical sensor technology which can ensure wide career options for you once you graduate. The graduates of optical technologies form the most in demand professionals and make the course one of the best in demand courses in Germany.


Other than engineering and technology related businesses Psychology is another in demand courses in Germany taught at some of the best universities in Germany such as Furtwangen University, Jacobs University Bremen, Ruhr University Bochum, Mannheim University, Freiburg University, Konstanz University, etc. After completing a degree in psychology from Germany one can find job roles in careers such as counseling, psychotherapy, organizational psychology, behavioral expertise, special education, advertising and much more. On an average a psychology major in Germany earns around 57, 000 euro annually.

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