British Columbia Demand Occupation List 2021

British Columbia Demand Occupation List 2021

British Columbia is one of the most popular provinces in the westernmost province close to United States. Multicultural and one of the popular Canadian city, Vancouver was situated in British Columbia. The city is known for having its own silicon valley offering a blend of technology and innovation. The high standard of living, competitive wages, employment opportunities, health and education benefit have brought in more and more people to British Columbia. The community in British Columbia is a blend of culture, ethnic and linguistically diverse and immigrants in the province account for approximately 30% of the population.

British Columbia offers people planning to immigrate to Canada via British Columbia Provincial Nomination Program numerous exciting opportunities to live a satisfying life. Other than the benefits the province offers recreational activities and places such as Stanley Park, Whistler Ski Resort, and Capilano Suspension Bridge. Popular names for educational institutes include University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University which are in the top colleges and universities in Canada. The province is known for having diverse employment opportunities which has resulted in the BC PNP program and the increase in the skilled workers requirement as per the labor market. Applicants planning to apply for BC PNP should check the British Columbia Demand occupation list 2021 prior to applying along with the program requirements.

Requirements for British Columbia 2021

British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program permits the talented, gifted and semi talented workers to migrate to Canada under the BC PNP program. The BC PNP program works closely with the national Canada Express Entry program and draws the candidates for Canada PR program. Once you have checked your job or skill work in the British Columbia Demand occupation list 2021 the next step would be to meet the other requirements of this program. The British Columbia Demand Occupation List incorporates National Occupation Classification ability level O, A and B. The skill level C and D is not recognized.


  1. Work Experience

You should have at least 2 years of full time work experience in the skilled occupation as per occupation list, you are planning to apply for and you should have relevant documents to validate the same.

This would be the first step to bringing you closer to your dream of Canada PR. Your Canada immigration consultant in Chandigarh can guide you for all the checklist of documents required.

  1. Employment offer letter

An employment letter from British Columbia employer to work full time and be employed is a  must criteria.

  1. Skill experience as per NOC (National Occupation List)

Your skill experience in your home country should match or be equivalent to British Columbia Demand Occupation list 2021-level O, A or B.

  1. English language proficiency

You need to score IELTS bands or other acceptable English language test scores according to your BC occupation in demand levels.

  1. Adaptability

Your sufficient financial funds are to ensure the authorities that you would be able to meet financial needs if applying alone or with a dependent.

Other than this your age should be ideally between 18-49 years old and have interest and intention of residing in British Columbia after obtaining Canada PR.

British Columbia Demand Occupation List 2021

Here are some British Columbia Demand Occupation list 2021 skills which are highly in demand and sought out by the British Columbia labor market. Indian talented workers can apply under these categories:

  1. Retailer and Wholesale Trade Manager
  2. Insurance, real estate and financial brokerage managers
  3. Restaurant and Food Service Managers
  4. Construction Managers
  5. Corporate Sales Manager
  6. Banking, Credit and Other Investment Managers
  7. Financial Managers
  8. Senior Managers-Financial, Communications and Other Business Services
  9. Computer Information Manager
  10. Facility Operation and Maintenance Managers
  11. Senior Managers- Trade, Broadcasting Other
  12. Human Resources Manager
  13. Accommodation Service Manager
  14. Managers in Social, Community Correctional Services
  15. Managers in Transportation
  16. Engineering Managers
  17. Administrator-post-secondary and vocational training
  18. Financial Auditors and Accountants
  19. Information Systems Analysts and Consultants
  20. Computer Programmers Interactive Media Developers
  21. Colleges Other Vocational Instructors
  22. University Professors and Lecturers
  23. Other Financial Officers
  24. Software Engineers and Designers
  25. Civil Engineers
  26. Mechanical Engineers
  27. Authors and Writers
  28. Social Workers
  29. Architects
  30. Psychologists

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