Can I study in Germany with Gap in my studies?

There may be a misconception among international students aspiring to study abroad that if they have not studied for a particular period of time then it is counted as gap. It may not be the case. If you are engaged in some other activity other than studies then it is not a gap. Gap is counted when you do not do anything in that period. If you have been doing some job or preparing for some entrance exam or improving your English language skills for study abroad or some other activity ,then you have been involved in these particular activities and these can be explained with documentary evidence with your Study Abroad application.
There are many study abroad destinations where you can file your application owing to these explanations, Germany being one of them. There are number of course options for international students. On the top of that you may choose to study free in Germany.
So if you are a student aspiring to study abroad with IELTS and explained gap then you can study in Germany- one of the strongest economies of the world for free. Germany is an excellent study abroad destination with excellent and attractive opportunities for international students. International students can work part time during their studies if they are doing a course other than a language or a foundation course.
Once you complete your studies you can avail for post study work options and then on finding a suitable job can apply for a Blue card. Germany has got all the options for international students which make it an attractive study abroad destination.
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