Study in Germany interview process explained in detail.

Appearing for a visa interview is a compulsory part of your Study in Germany visa application. There are some questions in the minds of international students aspiring to study in Germany about visa interviews.
What is the purpose of the visa interviews?
The purpose is to filter genuine students from non genuine ones.
What does the visa officer check during the interviews?
During the interview for your Study in Germany visa application the case officer checks that you are indeed serious about your studies abroad that your only intention is to study and you are not using student visa as a possible immigration route to Germany.
How does the case officer check these things?
The case officer would put you number of questions to judge your intentions to Study in Germany
What are these questions related to?
These questions may be related to

  • Your academics,
  • Work experience you may have,
  • Choice of Study in Germany over other Study Abroad destinations,
  • Reasons for choosing a particular university
  • Research you have done about other Universities
  • Reasons to do the proposed course,
  • Availability of similar courses in your home country
  • Reasons for not doing similar course in your home country
  • How the course is relevant to your previous studies,
  • What career outcomes you expect to have after completing your Study in Germany,
  • Whether you plan to do your course in German language or English language,
  • What is your language level
  • How would you bear the expenses of your Study in Germany,
  • Questions about your sponsors and their relation to you,
  • Family income sources,
  • Your ties in your home country
  • Your plans after completing your studies abroad
  • Your obligations as an International student
  • Your knowledge about the location of your studies

International students applying for Germany student visa must make serious preparation about the interviews to increase the chances of a successful Germany student visa application.
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