Canada Express Entry Eligibility 2021


Canada express entry is one of the popular and fastest-growing programs for Canada PR. Thousands of immigrants every year have been applying for Canada PR through this program. The reasons of applying for Canada PR through express entry and its benefits are somewhat same. Firstly, the processing time offered by Canada Express entry system is very less nearly just 6 months. Secondly, the Canada Express Entry eligibility requirements are easier to fulfill for the young and skilled talented Indians. Moreover, the cost of applying for Canada Express Entry is budget friendly. You get all the benefits once you become a Canada PR and hence applying for the immigration program is a big decision. With the global change in the last year applicants planning to apply for Canada Express Entry in 2021 would need to know the requirements and Canada Express Entry Eligibility 2021.


Canada Express Entry 2021


Canada express entry 2021 is a promising economic immigration program offering candidates faster results on meeting the eligibility requirements. Under this economic immigration program one can apply in three categories:

Federal Skilled Worker Program is one of the most promising programs for Indians. In case your work experience is listed in the national occupation list level O, A or B you can apply for this program. Your Canada Immigration Consultant in Chandigarh can guide you on successfully completing the requirements and Canada Express Entry Eligibility 2021. You would have to meet the minimum point requirement of 67 points out of 100 to be eligible.


Federal Skilled Trades and Canada Experience Class is further two categories for applicants.


Eligibility criteria for Canada Express Entry 2021


The eligibility criteria for Canada Express Entry under the Federal Skilled Worker Program is meeting the eligibility requirements for the program and scoring 67 points out of 100. Following are the requirements one needs to fulfill:

  1. Age

A candidate applying for Canada express entry program federal skilled worker program needs to be a minimum age of 18 years old.

  1. Work Experience

Minimum work experience of one year is required to be eligible for the program in a full time job. Further, your work or job skill should be listed in National Occupation List level code O, A or B.


  1. Educational Qualifications


Minimum of higher secondary education is required to qualify for Federal Skilled Worker Program. Further, you need to get your education qualification assessed by Educational Credential Assessment authorities. Your ECA report is valid for 5 years duration. This ECA report tells how your foreign education is equivalent to Canadian education. It is required to claim points.


  1. Language Skills

Your IELTS score of minimum 6 in each reading, writing, listening and speaking is required. This is equivalent to CLB 7.


  1. Adaptability Factor


In case your spouse is planning to accompany you then you can claim points. The points include their language skills, educational qualification and work experience.



Points Calculation for Canada Express Entry Eligibility 2021

In order to be eligible for Canada Express Entry, you need a minimum of 67 points out of 100. Here is how:

  1. AgeThe maximum points awarded for age are 12. In case your age is between 18-35 you can score maximum points.




Age Points
Under 18 0
18-35 12
36 11
37 10
38 9
39 8
40 7
41 6
42 5
43 4
44 3
45 2
46 1
47 and older 0



  1. Work Experience– Total points available for work experience are 15. Higher the years of work experience you have more points you can get. Also your work or job should be under the National Occupation list NOC level O, A or B.


Experience in years Points
1 9
2-3 11
4-5 13
6 and more 15



  1. Educational Qualification– Maximum of 25 points is available for educational qualification. Minimum educational requirement is higher secondary. Also you would need to get your qualification assessed by ECA.


Educational Qualification Points
Bachelor’s degree (three years or four years) 21
Bachelor of Technology degree with a focus in [area of concentration] 21
Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy degree 23
Bachelor of Laws 23
Associate Degree -2 years diploma, degree or certificate in trade/technical from university, college or institute 19
Bachelor’s degree for 3 or more years at a university, college, trade or technical school with area of concentration or without 21



  1. Language SkillsMaximum of 24 points are available for first language test score –IELTS/CELPIP. In case you know French you can score additional of 4 points.
1st Language level Points
CLB 7 16
CLB 8 20
CLB 9 and higher 24




2nd  Language level Points
CLB 5 4
CLB 4 or less 0





  1. Adaptability factor – Can get you additional points in case your spouse is planning to apply with you or you have relatives in Canada. Also in case you or your spouse has Canadian education.


Adaptability factors Points
Partner’s language level 5
Your past studies in Canada 5
Partner’s past studies in Canada 5
Your Past Work in Canada 10
Partner’s past  Work in Canada 5
Arranged employment in Canada 5
Relatives in Canada 5











Additional 10 pointsIn case you are able to get an employment offer for full time job listed under NOC O, A or B.


Other, than this you also need to have financial proof that you would be able to meet the financial requirement of yourself and any dependent planning to move to Canada with you.


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