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Canada is one of the dynamic and multicultural societies that welcome immigrants every year. With new changes in the immigration policies Canada is set to welcome 1.2 million immigrants to its soil in the coming years. A strong and developed economy as a backbone, Canada has a lot to offer to the immigrants in terms of a huge job market and excellent opportunities to transform life for skilled workers. With excellent medical care and free services that can help new immigrants integrate in the Canadian society there are numerous immigration programs for which your Canada PR consultants in Chandigarh can guide you. Another benefit of applying for Canada PR is the friendly immigration policies of Canada allow for bringing your spouse and dependent child with you.


For migrating to Canada for skilled migrants your Canada PR consultants in Chandigarh would suggest you some of the best options:


Express Entry


Express Entry for Canada is one of the fastest and most sought after Canada PR programs. Express entry is point based system for economic immigration. An applicant is required to meet certain requirements against the program he/she is opting for under express entry system. As it is based on points an applicant is awarded points for his age, educational qualification, work experience, language proficiency, financial funding, partner skills in case your spouse is planning to accompany you, relatives in Canada, arranged employment in Canada. Post scoring these points your profile is ranked under the comprehensive ranking system. One needs to ensure that their occupation is listed under National Occupation classification list to be considered for the express entry federal skilled worker program or federal skilled trades program. Your Canada PR consultants in Chandigarh can rightly assist you with the correct program based on your skill set and guide you with quickly completing the documentation requirement and applying for Canada PR program.


Provincial Nomine Program

As there are numerous provinces in Canada, under the Canadian immigration system in case you are interested in settling in a particular province in Canada then your Canada PR consultants in Chandigarh can correctly guide you with completing the requirements for Canada PNP. Under express entry linked PNP program in case you receive nomination from a particular province you get a bonus of 600 points towards your profile which makes you qualify definitely above the cut off and increases your chances of approval of Canada PR. As there are numerous provinces in Canada with each having its own requirements as per individual economic job market your Canada PR consultants can rightly guide you as per the provincial requirement.


Quebec Selected Worker Program


In case you wish to settle in the francophone province of Canada, Quebec. Then you can apply under the Quebec Skilled worker program. The government of Canada has a special tie up with Quebec province for selecting skilled workers. Applicants who wish to settle in Canada particularly in the province of Quebec would have to apply for Quebec Selection certificate with the government of Quebec. To apply for the province of Quebec the applicant needs to apply with licensed Canada PR consultants in Chandigarh.


Why choose Canada for skilled migration?


Firstly, Canada skilled migration is one of the fastest economic immigration programs where you can include spouse and dependent children. Secondly, you get the opportunity to settle in Canada permanently; thirdly, you can successfully enroll yourself in Canadian public health care system and also avail the benefit of domestic fee structure for education for your wards. Moreover, you get to qualify to apply for Canadian citizenship and can sponsor eligible relatives for PR. Canada has a safe environment and a multicultural society to grow successfully.


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