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Canada is a promising country with multicultural diversity and close-knit community life with wide scope and opportunities and has become a preferred choice of prospective candidates planning to settle in Canada. Whether it is for better job opportunities and economic growth or whether it is to provide family members and individuals with quality life the country has a lot to offer to everyone.

Moving to Canada is a huge decision and one would not just be investing time and money but would have to devote his efforts towards ensuring effective results. For this one would look for licensed Canada PR Consultants in Chandigarh that can guide them with the best solutions and policies which would work in the favor of the client. You would look for a guide who has the quality and seasoned experience in delivering effective and transparent results in a short span and here is when best Canada PR Visa consultants in Chandigarh come into play.

The next thing your advisor, Canada PR Visa Consultants would guide you is the numerous programs tailor made where you could easily check the requirements.

Here are the Canada Immigration programs suggested by experts:



Express Entry



  1. Express entry is a worthwhile option for applicants planning to apply for Canada permanent residency.
  2. It is an economic immigration program specially intended for immigrants who have some skills or experience in a particular occupation and are interested in Canada PR.
  3. The friendly and welcome Canadian government has calculated this program to facilitate more and more people are invited into the country for employment prospects.
  4. It is completely online processes where you express your interest pertaining to permanent residency in Canada using this program.
  5. You would be required to fulfill the criteria of the program you are applying in the express entry program be it Federal Skilled Worker program or Federal Skilled Trades program and ensure you score the minimum passing points for your program.
  6. Once you complete the condition and enter the pool your profile gets preferred among the other profiles in the pool using a system called CRS or comprehensive ranking system which ranks the finest profiles and pick them for Canada PR.
  7. Your Canada PR Visa consultant in Chandigarh would assist you in meeting all the requirements and has answers to all your queries.



Requirements for Express Entry



  1. Minimum 1 year of skilled work experience is required for Federal Skilled Worker program under Canada Express Entry.
  2. Your skill work experience should be on NOC list level O, A or B for express entry program.
  3. Your age should be 18 or above to apply.
  4. The Language Ability or minimum IELTS score of 6 in reading, writing, listening and speaking which is CLB 7.
  5. Higher your score more points you can claim for entering express entry pool. If you know French then that is a bonus but not mandatory.
  6. Your educational qualification of minimum higher secondary or 12th is required to enter for permanent residency in Canada program. Ensure your qualifications are approved by Educational Credential Assessment.
  7. If you have any job offer matching your skill level from a Canadian employer then that is a bonus to state more points.
  8. Your adaptability factors which include having sufficient financial funds.
  9. And others such as having a relative in Canada and you can claim points for your spouse accompanying you for federal skilled worker program for Canada PR.
  10. Your Canada PR consultant could assist you in calculating the score points for this category program and guide you.


Additionally, you would require having adequate financial funds. In case your spouse applies with you and you have a relative in Canada then you could claim more points towards your Canada express entry profile to enter in the express entry program pool.



Provincial Nominee Program



  1. Provincial Nominee Program for Canada is a quicker route for Canada PR other than express entry.
  2. One of the perks of PNP program is that you do not need a job offer to apply for Canada PNP.
  3. The pool selection is easier and in case you desire to work and live in particular Canadian province then this is the program for you.
  4. You could be employed and live in Canada as long as you want after being selected from Canada PNP.
  5. Also you can sponsor relatives for temporary and permanent stay after you get Canada PR.
  6. Another benefit is that you can travel throughout Canada after securing a Canadian passport.
  7. Once you have resided in Canada for a long duration you can move to the next course of getting citizenship.
  8. Ensure you consult Canada Immigration consultants to check all the requirements and successfully apply for Canada PR under Canada PNP program.



Requirements for PNP



  1. Each province is exclusive and offers the finest PNP immigration programs which have diverse requirements.
  2. Typically you would be obligated to score the minimum points for eligibility against your age, educational qualification, work experience, work or skill experience listed in the job occupation list of the province, language scores and adaptability factors.


 Canada PNP programs



Here are few of the Canada PNP programs:

  1. Alberta PNP
  2. British Columbia PNP
  3. Manitoba PNP
  4. Nova Scotia PNP
  5. Ontario PNP
  6. Saskatchewan PNP
  7. Prince Edward Island PNP
  8. Newfoundland and Labrador PNP
  9. Northwest Territories PNP
  10. New Brunswick PNP
  11. Yukon PNP


Quebec Skilled Worker Program



  1. Quebec is lone province in Canada which has francophone or has French speaking population largely.
  2. The Quebec Skilled Worker program has competent criteria that are unique to the province and symbolize the cultural uniqueness of the province.
  3. The program would select only the best candidates who can unify in the culture and are able to productively meet the requirement criteria for the program.
  4. As a candidate for the program to move to Quebec as a skilled immigrant, you can definitely include your spouse/common-law partner and any dependent children below the age of 22 easily on your application.
  5. To move to Quebec as a skilled immigrant in Quebec skilled worker program you would need to apply to Quebec Immigration to at first obtain Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ).
  6. Once you get the CSQ, applicant can apply to the federal government to obtain Canada PR visa.


Requirements for Quebec Skilled Worker Program



For Canada PR to the province of Quebec you need to meet the following requirements:

  1. Academic Qualification
  2. Training
  3. Work experience
  4. Language Proficiency
  5. Age (You must be 18 years old at the time of applying for the program)
  6. Financial stability/Funds to sustain your stay in Quebec
  7. In case you include your spouse and dependent children in your application for Canada PR you can definitely claim bonus points for the criteria they meet and also in case you have a valid job offer.
  8. You would be required to score minimum of 50 points as an individual candidate and 59 along with spouse.
  9. Ensure you check with Canada PR visa consultants to meet the requirements of the program


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