Coast Mountain College- Admission Process, Course and Fees in 2023

Coast Mountain College is an accredited post-secondary institution that was established in 1975. It is a publicly funded college, and being in BC’s northwest region, the college is diverse in culture and rich with history. It has five regional campuses:

  • Hazelton
  • Prince Rupert
  • Haida Gwaii
  • Terrace
  • Smithers

It was previously Northwest Community College. The college is known for its diverse communities and cultures because it is situated in the northwest region. It has five regional campuses, which serve 34 communities, and 21 of them are First Nations communities. The core values of the college are transformation, innovation, and integrity. The college strives to work with transparency and integrity.

Coast Mountain College is one of the best colleges to study at for international students. This college understands the nervousness with international students come there; they try to make them feel at home with their helpful and guiding nature. The faculty of the college also helps international students understand where they are coming from. The fee structure of the course is designed in a way that international students won’t feel the burden; it is less expensive than many colleges and pocket-friendly.

Coast Mountain College offers flexible mobile training, which is also innovative. The college tries to reach communities beyond its campuses. The beautiful combination of classroom and outdoor learning is what makes the institution unique. The curriculum is designed in such a way that it works on enhancing the practical knowledge of the subject so that students can know how to use that knowledge. The college offers programmes in health and human services, apprenticeship programmes, trades foundations, and university credit programmes.

The college staff is efficient and offers high-quality education to the students. The college is in one of the most spectacular places on earth, with safe campus communities.

This article has all the information one needs to know while taking admission at Coast Mountain College. It will clear all your doubts about the admission process, fee structure, and various programmes that are offered by the college. West Highlander has helped students in more than one way and provides free services for them. Our expert counsellors have gathered every minute detail of the college so that you can have every piece of information in one place in order to make things easy for you.

In this article

  • Associate Degrees in Arts and General Studies
  • Archaeological and Cultural Recourse Management Programme
  • Community, Crime, and Social Justice
  • Sustainable Communities Specialisation
  • Applied Coastal Ecology Diploma
  • Associate Degree in Science- General Studies
  • Early Childhood Care and Education
  • Social Service Worker Diploma
  • Electrical Foundation
  • Business Administration Certificate
  • Environmental Geoscience Specialisation
  • Post Degree Diploma in Professional Accounting
  • Automotive Service Technician Foundation
  • Education assistant

Admission Process:

  1. The first step of the admission process is to check if you are eligible for admission or not.
  • English Language Proficiency: The students who are coming from a country whose first language is not English have to give proof of their proficiency in English. The students can submit their IELTS and TOEFL scores. The score depends on the course; certain courses require different scores on the tests.
  • Individual courses require the equivalent of that subject. If you don’t have equivalents, don’t worry. The college also provides Career and College Preparation while you complete the programme.
  • The application fee is about $100 CAD, which is non-refundable.
  1. Then you have to attach the required documents. You can send unofficial documents at the beginning of the process, like your birthdate, student ID, Transcript legend, full name, and the programme you are applying to. Official documents must be sent at the official mail or faxed from the institution you attended to Coast Mountain College and must include the official seal or signature of the institution you attended.
  2. The amount of fees you have to submit will be mentioned in the offer letter according to the chosen programme.

List of courses that are offered by Coast Mountain College:

Coast Mountain College offers a wide range of programmes in different study areas like arts, science, business, trades, health, and social services.

Some of the Arts Programmes are:

Associate Degrees in Arts- General Studies: It is a 2-year-long programme that will be a key pathway to social services and humanities degrees in subjects like Psychology, Anthropology, History, and English. The course will make you highly employable and lay a solid foundation for further studies. The degree will give you in-depth knowledge of the subject in which you will get a degree. The programme will develop skills like-

  • Open-mindedness
  • Understanding the global context
  • Self-directed long-term learning
  • Social responsibilities with advanced learning

The admission requirements for this course are:

  • You must have completed 12th grade.
  • English is also a must.
  • English language proficiency

The fees for these programmes is approximately $17,000.

Archaeological and Cultural Recourse Management Programme: It is a 2-year programme that is combination of classroom-based and field-based learning that gives valuable additional research skills in the growing field of archaeology. This programme costs around $17,000.

Community, Crime, and Social Justice is a certificate course that is provided by Coast Mountain College. The course is one year long and helps you get a supervised work placement in Criminal Justice.

The number of seats in this particular course is limited, and the fee for this course is approximately $17,000. The college also offers two other courses in criminology: the Criminology Diploma and the Criminology Specialisation. Both courses are 2-year-long and will help you immerse yourself in the scientific study of crime, criminals, and criminal justice.

Sustainable Communities Specialisation: It is a 2-year-long course that works with the intersection of nature and cities, modern technology, ecology, and the economy. If you want to work in development with sustainability, this course will definitely help you. The fee for this course is approximately $17,020.

In the field of science, the college offers three courses for international students:

Environmental Geoscience Specialisation is a 2-year programme that focuses on a broad range of topics related to the understanding of Earth’s related natural systems and processes. It provides a combination of theoretical and applied coursework that is designed in a way that will definitely challenge students to analyse and solve problems critically. The course will also help you develop your communication skills. The course is designed in a way that will include field courses that give a lot of experience in the field environment. The fee for this course is approximately $17,000.

Associate Degree in Science- General Studies: The programme is also a 2-year degree in a variety of academic areas. The students are given the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of disciplines. You will develop skills in-

  • Working collaboratively
  • Application of theoretical knowledge to practice
  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Computer and technological literacy
  • Effective written and oral communications
  • Mathematical and scientific reasoning
  • Effective written and oral communications
  • Analyze, integration and synthesis of knowledge

The fee for this programme is approximately $17,000.

The college also offers some certificate programmes. Some of them are the Applied Coastal Ecology Diploma, the Applied Coast-Ecology Post Degree Diploma, the Physical Sciences Certificate, and the Engineering Certificate.

Applied Coastal Ecology Diploma: The diploma is a 2-year degree diploma and a 1-year post-degree diploma. It prepares students to make careers in ecosystem restoration, environmental monitoring, and coastal natural resource management. The fee for this programme is approximately $19,000.

Some of the courses in the field of business-

Business Administration Certificate: It is a 1-year certificate programme. The concentration of this certificate programme is on-

  • Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • General Management

The programme will prepare you for a competitive workplace. The fee for this certificate programme is approximately $15,000.

Post Degree Diploma in Professional Accounting: It is a 2-year long programme that will include subjects like

  • Canadian Business Law
  • Microeconomics
  • Statistics
  • Business Finance
  • Micro Economics
  • Financial Accounting
  • Management Information Systems
  • Data Analytics for Accounting
  • Corporate Taxation
  • Advanced Financial Accounting
  • Personal Taxation
  • Auditing

The fee for this course is approximately $15,000.

Coast Mountain College also offers courses in Health and Social services-

Early Childhood Care and Education: The course is a 2-year programme that will definitely equip you with the skills that are required in this particular course. The curriculum is designed while keeping in mind the current practice in early learning and care. The fee for this programme is around $17,075.

Social Service Worker Diploma: It is a 2-year-long programme that combines classroom theory with the practical skills necessary for employment in a broad range of social service occupations. It will help in gaining practical experience. The curriculum includes subjects like social policies, sociology of the family, development of psychology, community development, development across a lifespan, and the family from a cross-cultural perspective. The fees for this course is approximately $20,651.

Education assistant is a 1-year certificate programme that prepares you for a career in supporting students with exceptions.

Some programmes in Trades are also offered by Coast Mountain College.

Electrical Foundation is a course that is offered by Coast Mountain College. It is a 24-week long course that will prepare students for entry-level positions like electrical apprentices with companies involving commercial, residential, and industrial construction and management. The fee for the course is approximately $10,203.

Automotive Service Technician Foundation is another 30-week course. The course will give the students the technical skills and knowledge to repair, adjust, and replace mechanical parts in automobiles and light trucks. The fee for this course is approximately $12,000.