Dependent visa for Canada from India 2021 - Requirements Cost Processing Time

Dependent visa for Canada from India 2021: Requirements, Cost, Processing Time

Are you a student in Canada currently enrolled in a Canada study program and wish your partner can join you in Canada? For ensuring that families stay together, the government of Canada ensures eligible study visa applicants above the age of 18 can sponsor for a dependent visa for Canada from India 2021 and bring their partners to Canada. In this article West Highlander, your Canada spouse visa consultant in Chandigarh would give you a complete breakdown on how applicants can apply for a dependent visa for Canada from India in 2021.

Dependent Visa for Canada 2021

Dependent Visa for Canada allows applicants already on study visa in Canada to sponsor their partners to be with them in Canada. Applicants who get success with their dependent visa for Canada can work in the country and be with their partner on open work permit.  Dependent Visa for Canada is one of the promising ways in which your partners can join you in the foreign land and offer you financial and emotional support. Canadian government has friendly immigration policies and believes in keeping families together.

Eligibility Conditions for sponsoring partner on Dependent Visa for Canada from Indian 2021

If an individual wish to sponsor their partner on a Dependent visa for Canada, he/she must provide proof of they being eligible to sponsor their partner. This would include the primary applicant currently enrolled in a full-time course in Canada in a registered DLI institute.  Secondly, information on finances and relationship are required by authorities to ensure that you can genuinely sponsor the member.

Document Requirements for Dependent Visa for Canada from India 2021

Following are the documents an applicant planning to join their partner in Canada needs to provide their visa officer:

  1. Firstly, an applicant must have a valid passport and should ensure a clean travel history.
  2. Relationship documents –marriage certificate, relationship proof- join bank accounts, chat, conversation, photographs and any utility bills on both the partners’ name which can validate the strength of your relationship are required.
  3. Further, applicant must ensure they have sufficient financial funds to ensure their stay in Canada can be taken care of.
  4. A good character background from your own country is required.
  5. Lastly, you would need application and consulate fees.

Dependent Visa for Canada 2021 is IELTS required?

IELTS is not a mandatory criteria for Canada dependent visa.

Can dependent work in Canada?

Yes, as a dependent you can work in Canada. Under dependent visa for Canada one can opt for open work permit and work. The duration of your open work permit depends on the primary applicants duration of study. For master’s and Phd scholars applying for sponsoring their partner with dependent visa for Canada from India in 2021 there is no such restriction on the duration.

Processing time for Dependent Visa for Canada 2021

It usually takes 1.5- 2 months for processing a successfully submitted application file for dependent visa for Canada. Complete documents and clarifying each and every requirement can fasten the process. For this one should always consult an experience and qualified Canada spouse visa consultant.

Cost for Dependent Visa for Canada 2021

Firstly there is sponsorship fee of $75 and principal applicant processing fee of $475. In case you have a dependent child then processing fee of $150 is required for each child. Consult your Canada spouse visa consultant in Chandigarh to get complete information and ask for any answers to your additional queries related to filling of spouse visa application.

Benefits of Dependent Visa for Canada

  1. Work in Canada for the same duration of your partner’s time of study duration.
  2. Experience global exposure and benefit of adding the work experience on your resume can bring more opportunities.
  3. Support and comfort of staying close to your family.
  4. Travel, work and gain experience.
  5. Extension of open work permits on main applicant’s post study work permit.

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