Canada Open Work Permit - Spouse Visa Processing Time 2021

Canada Open Work Permit: Spouse Visa Processing Time 2021


Canada offers lucrative options for candidates planning to invite their partners to Canada. In case you are a student planning to enroll in a Canada study visa and wish to bring your spouse to Canada along the solution is Canada Open Work Permit. It offers faster spouse visa processing time 2021 in case the spouse plans on applying with the primary applicant. Canada offers many benefits for both students and spouse. The Canadian education system is excellent and offers leading education to aspirants. Further, your spouse could work for global names with Canada open work permit. There are numerous factors which can increase the spouse visa processing time for 2021.


Canada Open Work Permit


Canada open work permit can allow individuals planning to work in Canada while their husband/wife are enrolled in a full time course. It does not require you to have a specific job offer. Because it is not job specific you do not need to fulfill same requirements as for work permit. For spouse or partners of international students can certainly apply for open work permit 2021.


Spouse Visa processing time 2021: Canada Open Work Permit


There are several points one should consider which can increase your spouse visa processing time for 2021.

  1. Firstly, the main applicant –your husband/wife should be enrolled in a full time course in Canada.
  2. The institute where the main applicant is enrolled for Canada study program should be a designated learning institute-DLI with registered DLI number.
  3. You also need to have sufficient financial funds to show that you would be able to comfortably maintain your expenditures.
  4. You need to show visa officer your genuine interest in staying with your spouse/partner.
  5. Relationship documents are important for increasing the spouse visa processing time for 2021. More documents you have justifying the strength of your relationship faster would be the processing time.



Relationship documents for increasing spouse visa processing time



There are several documents you need to possess in order to show the genuineness of your relationship:

  1. A legally approved marriage certificate is important and primarily the most important document. However, it alone cannot increase the spouse visa application processing time.
  2. Proof of relationships can include family and friends’ approval on relationship- wedding invitation and RSVP, common contacts, photographs, joint bank accounts and shared expenditures such as utility bills, rental agreements and any other receipts of large purchases registered on both applicants name.
  3. Additionally, a strong statement suggesting your reasons for applying for Canada open work permit can additionally be responsible for quick spouse visa processing time by your visa officer.


Benefits of Canada open work with faster spouse visa processing time



Following are the benefits of applying for a spouse visa for a Canada open work permit:

  1. A candidate planning to apply for Canada open work permit would be eligible to work for the same duration as their spouse’s study program duration.
  2. Further, you would be able to work with well-known brands and organizations in Canada which could give you a global professional experience.
  3. A Canadian work experience on the resume could open further opportunities for you.
  4. In case you apply for the spouse visa processing during the same time as your partner applies for a Canada study visa permit you could easily reduce further processing time.
  5. Usually, the spouse visa processing time is 1-2 months.



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