Germany job seeker visa from India

If you are a skilled professional and are looking forward to work in Germany then Germany job seeker visa is a good choice for you.

As the name suggests this visa allows you to travel to Germany for a Job search.

There may be circumstances where you would like to work abroad but do not have a job. To get a job there may be requirement of physically present in the country where you would like to work.

Germany has got one such visa category which is called Germany job seeker visa.

Why this visa may be best option for skilled professionals

This visa may be one of the best options for qualified people having skilled experience to get a visa for Germany to find a job. Few of the attractions of this visa are

  • The eligibility requirements are very easy
  • You do not need to have any job offer
  • You get 6 months to search for a job which is quite enough time
  • On successfully finding a job applying for Germany work visa
  • Option to apply for Germany PR on completing a certain amount of time on employment permit

What you can do with this visa?

With a Germany job seeker from India you may travel to Germany and look for a job in a field in which you are qualified and have got work experience. This visa allows you to stay in Germany for 6 months. During this period if you get a job you may get Germany work visa or Germany work permit which allows

This visa may eventually lead to settlement in Germany subject to certain conditions like finding a job, working in Germany, having required amount of salary, living in Germany for a certain period of time and other conditions.

Germany job seeker visa from India requirements

To get a Germany job seeker visa from India you need to fulfil certain conditions like

  • Bachelors or a Masters Degree equivalent to a Germany qualification
  • Experience in your related field of study
  • Accommodation in Germany for a period of 6 months
  • Having enough funds to support you while in Germany
  • Medical insurance for the entire period of stay in Germany

Above are the basic requirements you must meet in order to qualify for the visa. If any of the above requirements are not fulfilled you may not qualify for this visa. Applicants interested to apply may contact a Top Germany job seeker visa consultant to know about the exact requirements according to their profile. The top consultant would you with accurate assessment of your case.

When can your family your spouse and kids join you in Germany

Once you successfully get a job in Germany you get Germany work permit. You are no more on a job search visa. On getting Germany work visa you may apply for your family that is your spouse and kids to join you.