Germany Study Visa Process

Germany has a flourished and well-known education system, it is considered as a very attractive study destination for international students. In the past years, it has managed to become one of the most popular countries for international student education. Students who wish to study in Germany can apply for free education as well. There are Public and Private universities in Germany and public universities offer students compensation over tuition fees. Germany’s motto is to educate students and thus some of the courses available in some universities of Germany give exemption from tuition fees.

A student who aspires to study in Germany has to apply for his or her Germany student visa and visa application turns out to be a nightmare for students. Thus in such a haphazard condition, a student can contact West Highlander, one of Chandigarh’s top immigration services. We have a team of highly professional and work-oriented employees and consultants who will help you through your Germany study visa process.

Why study in Germany

German degrees are recognized worldwide and universities in Germany have a wide range of courses to offer to the students. There are more than four hundred higher education institutions with over 19,000 different study programs to offer. If a student wants to study medicine, environment engineering, data science, robotics, economics or peace and conflict research all courses are found in German universities. Thus a student can opt for his or her desired course in the university where they want to study.

There are new and innovative, practical-based programs that are introduced every year. Also, German universities plan to prepare creative digital classes for students who aspire to study in Germany. Also after the 2014 law about free education, a lot of national and international students have not had to pay tuition fees in some of the universities under certain courses. Thus study in Germany is not only diverse but also virtually free of charge.

The requirement to study in Germany

Certain criteria need to be followed while a student is trying to pursue his bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, or PhD degree from Germany. There are steps like applying for a Germany student visa or applying to universities and finding a course of your choice but majorly a student first needs to contact the Akademishches Auslandsamt (AAA). Some universities refer to it as the ‘International Office’ or ‘International Centre’. These offices or centers provide advisers who give comprehensive information on the application process of a student. They’ll tell you about admission requirements, language courses, and other information.

Process for Germany study visa

There are multiple steps involved in getting a Germany student visa. The following points will help you guide through the process. A student aspiring to study in Germany has to get a Germany study visa and thus the first step that is involved in it is:

  1. Choosing a relevant university

The first and most important aspect for a student applying to study in Germany is that he should decide what course and university he or she wants to get into. It is also important for a student to decide this as it is an important part of his or her Germany student visa application. Also, a student must choose a course that is related to his previous academic career as it will help him in the near future to get jobs. German universities have a lot of courses and some of their finest courses are Information Technology, Business, Arts, Science, Engineering, Music, etc. A student has to pay attention if he or she is planning to do a course in the English language and then shortlist the universities that provide that course in English.

There are three main universities in Germany to study. A student after selecting his or her course has to look into different universities that provide that particular course and select any university. The three major types of education are:

Academic university these universities pay more attention to research work. The teaching methods are different from any other university, they provide with more practical knowledge than theoretical knowledge. Once a student has completed his or her master’s degree from an academic university they can further go on to pursue a Ph.D. degree. This is only possible if a student is in an academic university and no other university in Germany.

University of Applied Science these universities majorly focus on the professional practice of the course. They are also highly known for their teaching methods of practice. These universities also provide their students with internship programs that do not last for more than one or two semesters but give students a lot of experience. These experiences help them to later gain success in their jobs because of their job-ready skills.

College of Art and Music if a student is passionate about learning art or music, the colleges in Germany await great opportunities for them. There are a number of courses to choose from and a student can take admission under his or her preferred course. The colleges provide a diverse range of courses for a student to specialize in and become a professional in his or her selected field.

  1. Document required for study in Germany

Once a student’s course and university are finalized then he or she further has to submit all the necessary documents. International students have to pay more attention and submit all the documents carefully before the deadline. The documents to be submitted by a student are:

  • Your passport with a visa or residence permit.
  • English Language Ability Certificate
  • Completed registration form.
  • Proof of higher education entrance qualification (original certificates or officially certified copies)
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Work experience certificate (if any)

3.      APS Germany: Academic Evaluation Centre

After a student has received his or her letter of recommendation they need to start preparing their APS file. Some universities ask students to submit their APS file during the time of admission but can ask for proof that says that they have applied for an APS certificate. Thus a student should apply for the APS certificate as soon as possible.

The Academic Evaluation Center (APS) verifies the authenticity of your Indian documents, such as your qualification and English language proficiency certificates. Obtaining an interview slot for a Germany study visa application requires possessing an APS certificate.

  1. Germany student visa requirement

A student should certainly start preparing for his student visa to study in Germany after following all the above steps. There are various documents that a student has to provide while applying for his Germany study visa, some of them are:

  • national passport
  • recent biometric portrait photographs
  • Proof of admission at a German education institution
  • Proof of German language proficiency
  • Proof of English language proficiency
  • Proof of tuition fee payment
  • Health insurance
  • a blocked bank account
  1. An appointment with the German embassy

Once a student is through with his study visa application and APS certificate, he or she has to approach the German embassy by booking an appointment with them. This appointment is important and compulsory for the German student visa interview. A student has to book an appointment with the German embassy within two days of obtaining the APS certificate.

  1. Student Visa Interview

Now a student has to get interviewed for his Germany study visa. An interview is one of the crucial part of a student’s visa application. The interview is taken to determine whether the student who has applied to study in Germany is studious and sincere about the course he or she has applied for. The interviewer may probe them about their interest in studying there. A student should be well informed about the institution and course he or she is about to join.

The person taking the interview wants to check the sincerity of a student and if he or she has done thorough research about everything related to the course. This interview is done to know a student’s seriousness and suitability for the study program, thus some information is required. Mostly the case officer can ask you to answer about your course relevancy, course and university choice, academic profile, relevant work experience, course contents, career prospects after completing the course, etc.

  1. Study Visa Decision

The final phase in the procedure requires students to wait for their visa decision after their interview. They are free to go to Germany and start their intended course of study as soon as they obtain their visa.

Thus a student can apply for a Germany study visa by following the above mentioned process. This helps them get a better understanding of all the dos and don’ts. For more information about the application for a Germany student visa or help in the preparation of an interview, you can contact us at West Highlander. Our Director, Ms Parwinder Kaur, is an ICEF Trained Agent Counsellor who can assist you in achieving your aspirations.

Why Choose ICEF Trained Agent Counsellor

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