How much work am I allowed during and after study in New Zealand?

New Zealand attracts hundred thousands of international students every year to acquire qualitative education in their sphere of interest. The developed country allows students to earn practical experience along with studying so as to become career ready on completion of their study in New Zealand. The international students can opt for internship and part-time and full-time work in New Zealand during and after completion of their studies as per their course and student visa suitability. Let us understand in detail –
Work rights while studying in New Zealand –

  • The international students studying at Master’s by coursework or lower level course are allowed to work 20 hours in a week during the term and full-time during scheduled holidays.
  • The international students at Master’s by research or doctoral level can work full-time during term and also in holidays.

Work rights after completion of study in New Zealand –

  • The study abroad students who have undertaken Level 7 Bachelor’s degree, they are eligible for 3 year post study work visa.
  • The students with Level 7 Graduate Diploma are eligible for 1 year PSW if they study in Auckland; 2 years PSW if they study outside Auckland and an additional year PSW if they are working toward professional registration.
  • With any two qualifications from Level 4 to 6, the students are eligible for one year work visa in Auckland and 2 years outside Auckland.
  • For Level 8 Postgraduate Diploma program, 3-year work permit is allowed irrespective of cities.
  • In Master’s program Level 9, three years work permit is allowed.
  • In Level 10 Doctoral and PhD program as well, 3 year work permit is allowed.

These are the conditions and requirements you need to accomplish in order to acquire right to work in New Zealand during and after studies. If you require more information regarding education or work in New Zealand, you can contact West Highlander. West Highlander is a signatory of pastoral care for international students and thereby, welfare of students is the central idea of our service. We offer transparent and unbiased guidance to students. Ms. Parwinder Kaur, key personnel at West Highlander is a licensed immigration adviser by IAA since 2010. Please feel free to contact us for free and gain up to date information regarding study in New Zealand.