How to cover gap for Canada study visa

How to cover gap for Canada study visa?

Often students who are planning to study in Canada find themselves wondering about how they can cover the gap for Canada study visa? Your study gap can be for number of reasons which are genuine and you need to provide your visa officer honest reasons and documents explaining the same.

Many a time’s Indian students have been seen taking study gaps after their undergraduate or post graduate studies to work or gain experience in volunteer work, internships, advanced courses or appear for competitive exams. One can also take study gap due to medical reasons or family issues. Your Canada study visa consultant, West Highlander can assist you in genuinely covering these gaps with the correct solution and documentation assistance.

Students often find themselves in tough and stressed situation on how they can explain their study gap. Well good news for students applying for Canada study program is that Canadian education accepts study gaps and here is how:

Study gaps for Canada study visa

Following are the different kinds of gaps observed for Canada study visa

  1. Reappearing for Exams to improve scores– Often students wish to improve their exam scores so to get the desired college or course which they are planning for the future. For this often students may be involved in rigorous studies and can often take break from studies. For explaining this case firstly consult your Canada study advisor who would guide you on providing all the correct documents and explaining the situation well in your statement of purpose.
  2. Family Situations– Sometimes due to grave family issues a student’s regular studies are hampered. For this explain the situation well to your visa officer and honestly. Your Canada study advisor can also be of assistance in ensuring your situation is well presented to the immigration authorities.
  3. Health Issues– Often an unforeseen health condition can hamper the chain of continuous studies and can be a reason for study gap. For explaining the medical condition or any health concerns you had it is advised to provide the medical certificate, reports and any other detail for the treatment you have undergone to your visa officer. Consult your study advisor and check what all documents and how to present the gap in your SOP do have success with your application.
  4. Work/InternshipsNow in case you have a gap because you decided to work after completing studies to gain some experience or add on to the financial support for your family it is appreciated. You can provide offer letter, experience letters, salary slips to explain this gap for any work or internship you took.
  5. Competitive exams– Indian students often take study gap to try their luck in giving government competitive exams. Now if such is the situation you can clearly explain the case to your Canada study advisor and they could assist you in explaining the situation well to your visa officer.
  6. Or any otherNow in case there is some other specific reasons for having a study gap you could definitely explain the same and provide documents in support of the same if possible to explain your situation for Canada study visa. As long as you honestly explain the situation well to your visa officer there are no reason for you to worry!

 How much study gap is acceptable?

Often students enquire how much of study gap is acceptable for Canada study visa. For the information of students Canada immigration accepts study gaps as long as 8 years! For undergraduate and diploma program a study gap of 2 years is acceptable and for post graduation study gap of up to 5years is acceptable. There are several universities and colleges which can accept study gap of 8 years too. If you were exceptional in your studies and had a good academic record prior to the gap there would be no issue in obtaining a Canada study visa. Now as long you are able to present your case well and explain the reasons for having a study gap there should be no trouble in getting approval for Canada study visa.

Canada study visa document requirement

Following are the documents required for Canada study visa:

  1. Transcripts and other educational documents
  2. Photographs
  3. A valid passport
  4. English language proficiency test scores
  5. Medical report
  6. Statement of Purpose
  7. Gap Justification If Necessary

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