How to write an effective motivation letter for study in Germany?

Letter of motivation also known as Statement of purpose is one of the important documents supporting your Study in Germany visa application. Students must take utmost care while preparing this and mention all the relevant points in the motivation letter. As the name suggest you need to write what motivated you to Study in Germany in a particular university in particular course. What career outcome you expect to have which motivated you to Study in Germany.
How important is the letter of motivation?
Undoubtedly it is very important. You cannot take it lightly. It is an opportunity through which you can communicate your career goals to the case officer.
What should be included in the motivation letter?
The motivation letter could be structured as below

  • What makes Germany an excellent Study Abroad Destination?
  • Why did you Choose Germany as your Study Abroad destination?
  • Reasons for choosing the university you intend to study in
  • Reasons for choosing the course
  • What are your plans once you successfully complete your Study in Germany?
  • At the end address any issues you might be having with your Study in Germany visa application

From where could I find the information?
You may research online about this. There are certain trusted websites you may find information about but again the thumb rule is that the letter of motivation must be original written by you. It must not sound artificial but related to your individual circumstances.
What other points should I take care of while preparing this letter?
While assessing your Study in Germany visa application the case officer sees whether you are a genuine student intending to Study in Germany. In assessing this he takes into account all the information available with your visa application. So be careful to provide as much information as you can with your application. Omitting any small information which may be relevant to your application may cause problems.
How does West Highlander help in preparing Motivation letters?
We help our clients with all the services related to Study in Germany visa application –helping to prepare motivation letters being one of them. We have in-depth discussions with our clients who helps us to understand their career goals and accordingly we advice our clients. West Highlander based in Chandigarh is one of the best Study Abroad consultancy having years of experience in dealing with student visas.