International Business Management in Germany

Germany is considered to be one the strongest economies among the European companies. Studying in the strongest economies can help students understand business in a better manner. It can be the best choice for a student. The nation, which is well-known for its economy and higher education, is an ideal place to study and gain experience in business. Germany is a founding member of the European Union, which grants the nation access to free labor, capital, services, and goods inside the union. This is a huge benefit which gives business owners fantastic chances to grow their companies in Germany. Many students prefer to study in Germany as it is considered to have the best universities for business education.

The courses in business management in Germany provide students with fundamentals of economics, law, and business administration. Also, the programs in addition offer courses in management and controlling, modern marketing, digital business, entrepreneurship, international management, and customer relationship management, which you can select based on your professional objectives. The specializations allow a student to precisely plan your education his or her interests and to meet their unique objectives.

International Business Management in Germany is taught around 60% in English and 40% in German, thus it becomes important for students to know English and German. A student can contact West Highlander for information and guidance about study in Germany. We also help students with Germany study visa applications, choosing a college, and other queries.  We have a team of experienced consultants that’ll help you with Germany student visa applications and other details.

Requirement for International Business Management in Germany

A student planning to study International Business Management in Germany has to keep certain requirements in his or her mind. The requirements are important for both international as well as national students. Although some of the requirements are just important for international students and not national to study in Germany. For example, an international student has to have a Germany study visa whereas a national student does not need that. Other than this the requirements are given below:

  • Bachelor’s degree in relevant discipline
  • minimum of one year of work experience after the first degree
  • non-native English speakers: proof of excellent English skills (TOEFL or IELTS)
  • English proficiency: B2

A student who has his or her previous educational degree from India has to follow the Academic Evaluation Center (APS) process required by The German Foreign Affairs Ministry. Thus all the requirements need to be fulfilled if a student wants to seek admission under International Business Management in Germany.

Universities for International Business Management in Germany

There are a number of universities in Germany that allow students to study MSc in international business management. A student has to look for the universities, be it, public or private. Universities in Germany ask students to fulfill some requirements and further enroll themselves. It is very important for an international student planning to study in Germany to have a Germany student visa.  The following are some of the universities:

  • Hochschule Fur Wirtschaft
  • WHU – Oho Beisheim School of Management
  • HSBA Hamburg School of Business Administration
  • Pforzheim University
  • Frankfurt School of Finance & Management
  • HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management
  • Philipps University Marburg
  • University of Europe for Applied Science
  • ESCP Berlin Campus

Courses in International Business Management in Germany

The program is a double degree Master’s course of study. This special Master’s program is intended for students who wish to gain business knowledge. IBM blends a practical international experience with an intellectual concentration. Students attend lectures at Philipps-University Marburg for one year and INSEEC for another. Students also experience a special blend of business administration and commercial subjects with a global perspective. A small class size and frequent communication with the faculty support effective learning. Also, extracurricular pursuits offer perspectives and practical experience. Students also get a chance for intercultural competency development through an international curriculum and study-abroad semesters. With this comes easy access to French and German companies and access to alumni networks in France and Germany. International students can also apply, they need to select a university or college and then after the letter of acceptance file for a Germany study visa. Following are some of the courses offered by various universities and colleges in Germany:

  • Master in Digital Business Management ( MSc )
  • Master in International Business Management ( MSc )
  • Master in International Business ( MSc )
  • Master in Innovative Management ( MSc )
  • Master in Digital Business & Leadership ( MSc )
  • Master in Data Analytics & Management (MSc )
  • Master in Management ( MSc )
  • Master in Financial Management (MSc )
  • MSc in International Sales Management

Digital Business Management: Enroll in the exclusive Master of Digital Business Management program. Discover the all-encompassing approach to digital transformation initiatives, emphasizing Digital Management, Digital Business Models and Products, Project and Process Management, and Data Analytics and Algorithms. Study at the public Business School Pforzheim, which ranks first among applied science universities in Germany. Project and change management of digital projects in organizations is covered by the MSc in Digital Business Management, with an emphasis on modern management, data analytics, and process management.

Master in International Business Management: Students attend INSEEC Business School for one year and Philipps University Marburg for one year. During the second year of their double degree, students are required to complete an internship, preferably in the country that is the host nation. The international components comprise multilingual specialist literature and study excursions. Classes are taught by international partners. There are projects involving international and German partners and also, content-related regional focus.

Master in International Business: One of the newest programs in the Master of Science program portfolio is the Master of International Business at WHU, which bears the same reputation for excellence. The Master of International Business is unique in several ways. It seeks to enhance your non-business degree and provide you with a competitive advantage in the international labor market. Our goal is to bridge your existing knowledge with advanced business abilities through an organized curriculum, an integrated study abroad component, an internship, and the opportunity to get a full second degree from carefully chosen partner universities.

Master in Digital Business & Leadership: To create a thorough understanding of international management, students pursuing the Master of International Business Management program build on their foundational knowledge of theories, practical business administration, and basic principles. This emphasizes a project-based and applied approach while accounting for both operational and strategic factors. Learners enrolled in this postgraduate program can anticipate gaining the knowledge and abilities required to operate in businesses or organizations with a global presence or to assume managerial roles as future executives. Students gain skills through practice-based projects that they can creatively apply to global problems in order to find solutions. Through the methodical use of a contemporary blend of methodological methods for teaching and learning, students’ problem-solving abilities are enhanced.

Master in Management: a student’s goals are the focal point of every aspect of the HHL Master of Management program, from the coursework to the hands-on training. You choose the program’s concentration based on your interests, both personally and professionally. You get to decide how to mold your real-world experience. The Welcome Weeks, General Management Essentials, General Management Competencies, and General Management Deep Dives are the four components of the full-time Master’s program that are intended to educate and train future leaders who are creative, accountable, and effective.

Specializations in International Business Management in Germany

Two unique double-degree Master’s programs in International Business Administration have been created specifically for this specialization in our Master’s program in Business Administration. Students in these programs can earn a postgraduate degree from Toulouse Business School or Rajagiri Business School, respectively, and an academic Master of Science (MSc in Business Administration) from KU’s Ingolstadt School of Management. For the purpose of being able to perform managerial and specialized duties in a domestic and global setting in a responsible, socially, and professionally competent manner, students receive an education. Students also get knowledge of many cultures, as well as cross-cultural situations and challenges. The Ingolstadt School of Management at KU is home to two of the four semesters, with the remaining two being spent in either France or Spain or at Rajagiri Business School. Students in Ingolstadt select modules from the following areas of specialization:

  • Market-Oriented Corporate Management
  • Finance, Accounting, Controlling and Taxation
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Business Analytics & Operations Research
  • Digital Customer Experience & Service Design

A student can plan on doing International Business Management in Germany and learn new things in the field. It also helps a student in getting a new perspective on business management. Thus international or national, a student can apply for it and learn from the best. International students need to provide their documents, for example, a Germany student visa, letter of acceptance, etc. to study in Germany. This can be a very hectic process for students thus they can contact West Highlander an ICEF-recognized agency that has experience and expertise regarding study in Germany. The agents here are professionals who can counsel an individual and can help you secure a Germany student visa. To ensure a smooth application for a Germany study visa or any other query, please contact West Highlander. Also, you can get help from our Director, Ms. Parwinder Kaur, an ICEF-trained agent counselor, to fulfill your goals. She can offer you the solutions to your queries regarding study in Germany from beginning to end.