Master in Product Management in Germany

Product management has always played a crucial role in a business oriented person’s life. Product management is a business process that includes planning, developing, launching, and management of a product or services by the product. It records a product entirely, that is, from its ideation to its development to its going to the market. Product management in simple words means a general practice within a company that supports and manages all the activities of a product. The master’s in product management degree helps students teach how a product is created in the digital age. A master’s degree in product management can be very beneficial for students. It helps students get an advantage over other applicant’s job entry-level prospects, especially those with less professional experience. To become an effective and good product manager a student needs to learn to be a leader, thus the master’s program of product management tends to highlight leadership as a core function.

Study in Germany provides students with a lot of opportunities for teaching and then further making a career out of a master’s in product management. A student can apply for his or her Germany study visa or Germany student visa and further pursue a master’s in product management at the universities of Germany. West Highlander immigration consultancy services help you with study visas and other related queries. We have a team of expert counselors that will guide you. West Highlander offers an experience of more than 18 years of providing immigration advice to students. If you want to study in Germany and need any help with your Germany student visa, you can contact us at West Highlander.

Topics under Master in Product Management in Germany

A number of topics are covered under product management and a student needs to have relevance or to know the basics of these topics so that it becomes easier for him to understand and apply what is being taught to him. Students planning to study in Germany will likely be covering topics like;

  • Marketing
  • Communication & Presentation
  • Product Strategy
  • Customer Discovery
  • Business Model Design
  • Project Management
  • Product Sales
  • Agile Process Management

While they are studying these are some of the topics in their modules. These topics will open a lot of opportunities and they will certainly gain a lot of knowledge related to their field. A student’s horizons concerning his field increase. A graduate after reading about the field gets a chance to become a product manager, director of product, growth product manager, etc. Thus a master’s degree holder will be more privileged to better job opportunities.

Universities under Master in Product Management in Germany

Germany offers a lot of universities to study master in product management. There are a number of universities offering a master in product management in Germany. Students who aspire to study in Germany can be admissions to the following universities in order to fulfill their dream:

  • IU International University of Applied Sciences
  • EU Business School (Munich Campus)
  • Fresenius University of Applied Sciences
  • Technische University Berlin
  • Kuehne Logistics University – KLU
  • HTW Berlin – University of Applied Sciences

IU International University of Applied Sciences

Students take their first step to make a career as product managers or more by studying master’s in product management in Germany. Students plan, direct, and supervise projects and their execution. Also, put together a project team, track the accomplishments of its members; participate, anticipate problems, and provide prompt solutions; apply your extensive knowledge of business management, technology, and psychology to bring out the best in teams and guarantee that everyone is collaborating harmoniously.

EU Business School (Munich Campus)

The Munich campus provides a lot of opportunities to students who want to study a management course in Germany. There is a global shift toward rapid political, economic, social, and technical change. New kinds of leadership are needed to handle and actively shape these complicated developments. Thus the course examines the reality of being a true leader in the twenty-first century, covering everything from operational and marketing management to making strategic decisions, effectively managing people and performance, and negotiating. This master’s program will equip students with the critical thinking and executive abilities they need to become effective leaders and adjust to changes in the corporate landscape in the future.

Technische University Berlin

It helps students to understand how to give specific attention to information technology applications. The course offers a comprehensive view of the production and factory planning processes, product development, and product validation in industrial enterprises. The course covers the following topics: product data management, industrialization, and process management, as well as the fundamental processes of creating digital products and their logic. In an interdisciplinary, hands-on team project, students utilize the knowledge they have learned in lectures to create a product and get experience with the difficulties involved in project planning, execution, and management.

Benefits of Master in Product Management in Germany

A master’s degree in product management will teach you about the ideation, creation, and introduction of cutting-edge products. A student will learn a broad range of skills to meet the demands of the modern digital world. Develop your managerial abilities, become an expert in market research methods, and make important business contacts. Graduates of this program are equipped to assume critical positions in marketing, strategic planning, and product development all fields with strong demand and lucrative compensation. If a student holds a bachelor’s degree in product management, business administration, management, or a similar business subject and wishes to advance their education, our master’s program in product management is a wonderful choice for them.  Product development is the process of fully planning and prototyping novel technical solutions. It includes everything from determining the product profile to developing a concept, designing, building prototypes, testing, and validating. Under the master’s program a student will learn to:

  • Receive comprehensive knowledge of product management and its processes, as well as competence in management and leadership, marketing, and performance and strategy, allowing you to understand product management as a whole.
  • Also, two elective modules are required to specialize in areas such as digital transformation and product management, creative and agile methods, or social media models.
  • A student also gets qualified for essential specialized and management roles such as product manager, product owner, product marketing manager, and product and business developer.

A huge exposure will be granted to students as they will get skillful at working with different teams from different backgrounds, be it engineering, design, or marketing teams. Also, a student should have an interest in the interpretation of data and examining market trends. An interest in marketing and design will thus be created among students.

Career opportunities after masters in product management in Germany

A lot of career opportunities come across a student once he or she has completed the program. A person can get jobs in Germany or anywhere in the world after getting a degree from a university. Some of the posts that a person can expect to achieve are:

  • Strategic Product Manager: As a strategic product manager, you can create plans and strategies for innovative goods. You oversee multidisciplinary groups and work closely with your constituents. You will also be in charge of budget planning, new product launches, and portfolio management.
  • Product Owner for Data-Driven Products: Product coordinators for products with a data focus work together with developers and data scientists to bring creative product ideas to life. If you decide to pursue this career path, you should expect a cutting-edge work environment that values agile methodologies. One of your responsibilities will also be to apply market and customer data analysis.
  • Technical Product Manager: If a student has a great passion for blockchain, cloud computing, data analytics, and other relevant fields. Then he or she should start working as a technical product manager. You will develop technical concepts in this position in compliance with user-oriented standards. By doing this, you will be working at the intersection of the market, technology, and consumers.

Why study a master in product management in Germany

There are a lot of students who go to study in Germany because it is considered to be a fast-growing country and the quality of education served in the country is high and very valued. The degree earned in Germany is applicable all around the world. If a student completes his or her master’s in product management from Germany there will be a lot of options open to them. This is applicable for international students too who hold a Germany student visa.

Product management is an essential function in any company that produces or distributes goods. It necessitates having a solid grasp of the product and the market. Strong project management abilities are also necessary to guarantee that items are created and released on schedule and within budget. You can work with international organizations, depending on your field of study, after earning a master’s degree in product management. Another option that can be taken after completing a master’s in product management is to operate independently as a self-employed product management consultant.

Thus an international student planning to study in Germany for a master’s in product management needs to remember that he or she might have a lot of chances of being successful in this field and of getting many opportunities shortly. A student must also remember that as soon as they get their letter of acceptance they need to apply for their Germany study visa. For any help in the application for a visa or other queries, you can contact us at West Highlander.

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