MBA Scholarships in Germany

Germany, which has the fourth largest economy in the world, is the most popular non English speaking country to study MBA programs with international students. Even though it sounds like something that might not be possible but international student need not pay tuition fee in the public universities of Germany. This means that all that has to be done to pursue MBA is cover the living costs and personal expenses, such as groceries, personal expenses, transportation, utilities and other miscellaneous costs. But not all colleges or universities are public in Germany some are even private.

Scholarships helps a student afford his or her studies. It helps to take down the burden of tuition and living expenses from a student’s head. This article will provide you with all of the relevant information on MBA scholarships in Germany for international students. This article will assist you in understanding the tools required to fulfill your academic objectives and make the most of your overseas study abroad experience.

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Scholarships for MBA in Germany

As an international student it is important for the student to know the cost of living and studying in a place like Germany.  Germany has become a hub for international students now, and that is because of its world-renowned universities, high-quality education, and diverse culture.

There are types of universities in Germany:

  • Germany Government Scholarships
  1. DAAD Scholarship
  2. Erasmus Scholarship Program (funded by European Commission)
  3. Deutschland Stipendium Scholarship in Germany
  • Non-government Scholarships
  1. Friedrich Ebert Foundation Scholarship for Foreign Students
  2. Higher Education Scholarship Test (HEST)
  3. Bayer Foundations

MBA Scholarships in Germany for Indian students

There are a number of Indian students aspiring to study in Germany and have a lot of golden opportunities through scholarships that offer financial support and windows for academic virtuosity. For getting a scholarship in MBA the general GMAT score that has to be appeared by a student is 600-700 or higher.

Name of Scholarship Eligibility Cost (in EUR)
HHL Women in Business Scholarship for female candidate with excellent academic record & GMAT record of at least 650 tuition fee reduced to 14500 EUR corresponding to 50% of total tuition fee
Frankfurt School MBA Scholarship Awarded to women with GMAT/GRE score equal to 85 percentile are eligible Partial tuition fee
Women in Business Scholarship All women are eligible to apply 7500 EUR
Manheim School of Business Scholarship Merit based scholarship 5000 EUR
Asia Scholarship For international students from different regions 25% off on tuition fee


Fully Funded Scholarships in Germany

  • DAAD Scholarship Germany
  • Erasmus Scholarship Program Germany
  • Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarship in Germany
  • Konrad-Adenauer Shifting Scholarship in Germany for International Students
  • The Friedrich Ebert Stiftung
  • Bayer Foundation
  • Mawista Scholarship
  • Hamburg University of Applied Science Scholarship
  • RWTH Aachen University Scholarship, etc.

DAAD Scholarship Germany

The DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst), also known as the German Academic Exchange Service, is a services that has earned a lot of importance and respect. It plays a vital role in promoting international academic exchange in Germany. These services provide international students with scholarships and funding. They also give scholarships to graduate students and researchers who are looking to peruse or carry on their studies in Germany.

For a student to get a DAAD Scholarship, he or she needs to be a graduate, that is have a bachelor’s degree with in the last six years and have at least two years of work experience. The stipend provided by the scholarship for a postgraduate student is 850 EUR and 1200 EUR for doctoral students.

Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarship in Germany

The Heinrich Boll Foundation provides approx. of 1500 students of different programs, be it from an undergraduate, postgraduate or doctoral background, this scholarship. These degrees are provided to students pursuing their degrees at universities, universities of applied sciences (‘Fachhochschulen’), or universities of the arts (‘Kunst-/Musikhochschulen’).

The one who gets this scholarship is meant to have a great academic record and needs to have a social and political engagement, with a presently interest in the basic values of the foundation. The student who receives the fellowship must be currently interested in environment and sustainability, democracy and human rights, self-determination and justice. Non-EU Masters students are paid a monthly stipend of 850 EUR plus individual allowances. Ph.D. students from non-EU countries are paid a monthly stipend of 1,200 EUR, a mobility allowance of 100EUR, and various personal allowances. Masters students’ scholarships are for the usual length of study, with the possibility of extension, whereas Ph.D. students can get financing for up to two years, with the possibility of two half-year extensions.

Erasmus Scholarship Programs in Germany

For an international student or learner, who wills to do a full time study program in Germany should definitely apply in Germany. The scholarship gives a student one year of exchange program in a Germany university. It is funded by the European Union member states. For a learner to get this scholarship he or she has to be eligible, that is, they should be enrolled in a higher education institute. Also both, the home university of a student and the German university should have signed the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education. The scholarship helps a student cover his or her enrolment fee, travel expenses and basic living costs. The Erasmus catalogue has a comprehensive list of Erasmus Mundus master courses, as well as a search function for courses held in Germany.

Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Scholarships in Germany for International Students

The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Scholarship provides scholarships to those who have a keen interest in politics. The scholarship is provided to those international students and doctoral candidates who have completed their under graduate course and wish on completing their post graduate, doctoral, or research program in Germany. In fact a special attention is paid on students that are from a developing country or students whose country is going through a major political change.

Master’s and postgraduate students will earn a monthly stipend of 850 EUR for two years, while doctorate candidates and those undertaking research in Germany would receive a monthly salary of 1,100 EUR for three years. Tuition fees for study/doctoral project-related courses can be refunded up to 500 EUR per semester. This scholarship promotes intercultural conversation and international networks in order to develop relationships between home countries and the Federal Republic of Germany.

The Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Scholarship

International students that are pursuing their studies or doctoral degree in Germany a Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung scholarship is a great option as it helps a student get academic financial assistance. The scholarship is granted to those international students who are studying in a recognized university of applied sciences in Germany and have a very high academic achievement in the field of social science, politics or humanities.

One important key factor to get this scholarship is that the student should be well versed with German language even if his or her course is taught in English. There is a set number of students that are selected from Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe each year. Only forty candidates per year are selected for this scholarship from international countries. Undergraduate scholarship awardees will receive a monthly stipend of 830 EUR, while those enrolled in master’s degree programs will receive a monthly stipend of 850 EUR, plus health insurance coverage.

MBA Scholarships in Germany for International students

University scholarships

  • Full-Time MBA Scholarships at ESMT Berlin

ESMT’s MBA scholarships are intended to assist you in realizing your international business career goals. With over thirty two scholarships available, excellent MBA applicants are welcome at ESMT Berlin. Scholarships are awarded based on academic distinction, personal and professional accomplishment, leadership potential, and exceptional interpersonal skills. Only self-funded MBA candidates are eligible, and all scholarships are limited to tuition fees. This Scholarship requires the students to submit an application. Also provide their GMAT, GMAT Focus, or GRE scores at 85th percentile or higher and finally submit official German language test results, no older than two years.

  • Mannheim School of Business Scholarships

The Mannheim Business School provides numerous merit-based scholarships to outstanding and exceptional students. Candidates are awarded a scholarship based on a variety of variables, including motivation, academic achievements, professional experience, GRE/GMAT/TOEFL/IELTS performance, and other criteria. The requirements for this Scholarship is based on the enrolled in a bachelor’s, master’s, or state examination degree and a student has to complete their degree within a standard period.

  • RWTH Aachen University Scholarships

The duration of the scholarship depends on the length of the course, for example, a student pursuing master under this scholarship will get the benefits for two years. The scholarships helps a student in paying up to fifty percent of his or her tuition fee.

RWTH Aachen University provides the following scholarships to successful applicants: Scholarship for EUR 6,000 for excellence and scholarship sum of EUR 4,000 for academic performance, entrepreneurial mind set, women in technology, and social impact.

  • Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Scholarships

The Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung scholarship program welcomes applications from students of all levels of education and provides scholarships to those with the highest academic standing at the time of application. As a result, applicants must possess extraordinary qualifications in their fields of study. This scholarship will not cover such costs because international students typically receive free tuition. The money will be used to cover the students’ living expenses and other expenses that will help them feel at home in Germany.

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