Interpreting CRS scores for Canada PR

Interpreting CRS scores for Canada PR


Canada or The Great White North is a land of vast opportunities. The ever increasing avenues for jobs and promising academic opportunities have resulted in vast number of people applying for Canada PR. Under express entry one can immigrate to Canada. However, to ensure that one has a smooth process for Canada PR it is important to understand CRS scores for Canada PR.

What is CRS score system?

A comprehensive ranking system or CRS allows for expediting the process for Permanent residency in Canada. A certain bandwidth of points has been decided by the government of Canada to ensure skilled and proficient candidates are able to have favorable career opportunities in Canada. Canada Express entry draw is based on the CRS score for Canada obtained by the candidate.

What are the categories on which points are allotted?

There are categories for express entry for which the Canada Express entry draw would result in the candidate’s profile evaluation:

  • Language
  • Age
  • Education
  • Work Experience
  • Employment arrangement in Canada
  • Adaptability

An individual would require a minimum of 67 points to be able to make his way through immigration. All these with a favorable score card can result in up to 600 points. Additional up to 600 points can be obtained for having French language skills, post graduation from Canada, Provincial nomination and Canadian Employment. The scoring on a total point scale is done from 1200 points.

How many minimum points are required for Canada PR?

Minimum points are directly dependent on the selection grid and express entry draw. A well defined candidate’s profile can result in wider chances for permanent residency application.

Are there points for spouse or common-in-law partner?

Yes, there are points for spouse or common-in-law partner accompanying the candidate for permanent residency. The categories for obtaining points remains same and higher language skills, education, work experience and employment arrangement can result favorably for the client.

Can one improve the CRS score for express entry?

Yes, one can boost the CRS score via language improvement, educational certification, employment opportunity or spouse application.

How soon the results to CRS scores determined?

One can check the CRS scores for Canada on the official website to determine a good profile. Further, in case the candidate is not able to obtain the desired score it is recommended to look for further categories to ensure a good CRS score.

In case the candidate is unable to understand the scoring it is advised to contact a licensed immigrant representative to ensure the processing is without any loopholes and glitches.