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Ireland implements student immigration and quality assurance reforms

The Irish government has recently announced plans to move forward with the student immigration system of the country. In the year 2015, the Irish government introduced a number of reforms in the student immigration system. The prime goal of the reforms is to strengthen the quality assurance in terms of recruitment and programme provision for international students.

The significance of this program is, it will help international students to receive student visas to attend the institutions that are listed on the ILEP. The ILEP has replaced a previous government list which is known as Internationalisation Register and it will give way to permanent quality assurance scheme- The international Education Mark (IEM).

The vocational and education training programme are removed from the list of eligible programmes. The higher education programmes are accredited by the Irish awarding bodies on the list of eligible programmes. The English language programme will work on the Internationalisation Register. In order to seek admission under the program, you need to be recognized by the Accreditation and Coordination of English Language Services (ACELS). He must be recognized from a separate application and QA process which is established by the government for purposes of ILEP inclusion. In addition to the ILEP provisions, the new government policy provides oversight measures and stronger compliance for Irish education providers.

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