Language Requirement for SINP Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program

Language Requirement for SINP Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program


Saskatchewan is one of the popular provinces in Canada. It is one of the prime choice for immigrants who are planning to settle in Saskatchewan with Canada PR. Its wide economy, multicultural community, health and educational benefits are few of the many reason for it being a preferred choice.

Saskatchewan PNP is a path for skilled and qualified workers who are selected by the federal government of Saskatchewan for nomination for permanent residency. It is also called SINP or Saskatchewan immigration nominee program.

In order to be eligible you need to secure 60 points on the assessment grid.  You are assessed for age, education, and work experience, family relations in Saskatchewan, adaptability and language proficiency.

Language is one of the few requirements you need to fulfill so as to be able to practice your occupation in the language of the region.


Is IELTS basic language requirement for SINP?

Yes, IELTS is a basic language requirement you need to fulfill in order to be eligible for SINP. However, even with a low IELTS bands you can possibly make your way for Canada PR with SINP.


Can I apply for SINP with low IELTS bands?

The answer is a big YES! Even if you have a less score in language test then also you are eligible for SINP. Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee program provides nomination to skilled worker even with low IELTS score.

The language ability requirement is significantly low and achieving the minimum score is quite easy for immigrants planning to apply for SINP and make way for Canada PR.


What are the basic SINP language requirements?

  • The SINP language requirements are different for different job occupations available in the provincial labor market of Saskatchewan.
  • In case you are a management profession and your Saskatchewan PNP occupation in demand is in Saskatchewan and Canada you will be required to have higher English language score.
  • Following is the minimum language ability point score for SINP that you need to have to apply for Canada PR:
  1. SINP- Occupation in demand Category
    • If you have skills and experience as per the occupation in demand list of Saskatchewan you can apply for Saskatchewan PNP in this category.
    • To apply for SINP occupation in demand you need to explore the occupation demand list and meet the eligibility requirements.
    • Here the language ability minimum requirement is CLB 5 or IELTS R-4, L-5, S-5 and W-5.5
  2. SINP-Express entry category

For federal skilled worker express entry or SINP-EE you need to meet the basic requirements.

The language ability minimum is CLB 7 or IELTS score of 6 in each reading, listening, writing and speaking for Canada PR.

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