Low tuition and cost of living study in Quebec Canada

Low tuition and cost of living study in Quebec Canada


Quebec one of the largest provinces of Canada is becoming one of the attractive study in Canada destinations among international students.

There are many benefits of applying for Quebec student visa

Some of the benefits of applying Canada student visa to study in Quebec are

  • Low tuition fees
  • Low cost of living as compared to other cities of Canada
  • Range of course options suiting the profile of the applicant
  • Learn a new language- French free while on Canada student visa in Quebec
  • Get paid for learning free French by Government while on Study in Quebec
  • Part time job opportunities

Applying for Quebec student visa is cost effective because of its low tuition fees and cost of living. Students can save their money if they choose to apply for Canada student visa to study in Quebec. Study in Quebec applicants can avail all the above benefits while studying


Benefits of Study in Quebec after completion of study

Once the students have successfully completed their Study in Quebec they are entitled for following benefits

  • Apply for a Post Study work visa
  • Apply for Permanent residence in Quebec under Quebec Experience program or Regular skilled worker program.


Study in Montreal

Montreal is one of the favourite study places among international students who choose to Study in Quebec. There are many good colleges and universities where international students may choose to Study in Montreal. Montreal is a very multicultural city which provides a rich experience to international students.

The process of applying to study in Quebec includes one additional step of applying for CAQ before you file your Canada student visa application. West Highlander Immigration based in Sector 34 A Chandigarh has till date helped hundreds of students to get admission and study visa for Canada. They have got experience and expertise in handing Canada student visas. For free and accurate assessment of your Study in Canada application contact West Highlander Immigration who are the best study in Canada Consultant in Chandigarh