manitoba PNP family support requirements

Manitoba PNP: Family support requirements for Canada PR

Manitoba PNP: Family support requirements for Canada PR

As each Provincial Nominee Program has a different program requirement as per the labor market requirement of the particular province. Manitoba or the land of 100,000 lakes has a diversified economy of manufacturing, mining, hydroelectricity and agriculture.

Majority of immigrants apply to this province through the Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program or MPNP. The stable labor market, picturesque and serene landscape and additional health and education benefits have been lucrative to attract vast number of applicants to apply under MPNP for Canada PR.

Manitoba PNP has a unique feature which is having a family in the province can provide you a chance to apply for the program.

If you have already set your heart to apply for Canada PR through Skilled Worker stream under Manitoba Family support PNP you would be required to prove strong ties to the province.


What is the requirements family member needs to fulfill to support my application?

Your family member or sponsor would need to undergo through an eligibility process to support your Canada PR dream through Manitoba PNP. 

Following are the requirements they need to fulfill:

  • Your sponsor should have strong ties to you.
  • Your sponsor or family member needs to be a Canadian Citizen or permanent resident.
  • Your sponsor should have been living in Manitoba for at least one year.
  • Also they need to have a steady job that can allow them to support you once you are in Manitoba.
  • In case your sponsor supported any other applicant in the past they should be able to show the successful and permanent establishment of the previous applicant in Manitoba.

Who qualifies as my family member to support my Manitoba PNP application?

Any of the following family members can assist you in your MPNP application:

  • Sister or brother
  • Nephew or niece (child of your brother or sister)
  • Aunt or uncle (brother or sister of your father/mother)
  • Your first cousin (child of your aunt or uncle)
  • Mother or father
  • Grandmother or Grandfather


How can I apply for Manitoba PNP?

  • For federal skilled worker program under Manitoba PNP you would need to fulfill the basic requirements as set by the province such as language proficiency (IELTS/CELPIP/CLB), past work experience, educational qualification, age criteria and adaptability factor.
  • For the basic requirements you mentioned you will be awarded points on the grid assessment of Manitoba PNP.
  • Once you have met the criteria for basic requirement you can create a profile in express entry and submit an expression of interest. 
  • The highest ranked candidates receive invitation to apply and from here onwards you would be able to achieve your dream of having Canada PR through MPNP.



So, in a nutshell it can be said that your dream of Canada PR through Manitoba PNP or MPNP can easily be supported by your family member by meeting the basic requirements. You must ensure that on your level you meet the requirements and are able to score 60 points on 100 for your basic requirements. 


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