New Zealand allows families and groups of visitors to apply visa online for New Zealand

The latest development done by New Zealand government could bring a big smile to families or groups who are willing to meet their family member in New Zealand. NZ government has allowed families and groups want to travel together to submit a group of application together for various visas. As per the new norms, a family of visitors travelling together can apply in a single application.

While disclosing the information, Steve Stuart, General Manager of visa services said “The system is performing as expected and the numbers coming through will build over time as applicants and agents become familiar with the online capability”

He further said, 121 applications of 416 applicants have been benefited by using the new functions till now. The service went live on 18 February.

The further improvement in the system is expected in coming May when it will be online for dependent child or partner applications.

“The Groups functionality will ensure that 80% of all visitor, student and work visa applications are able to be made online and we are leveraging this technology to continue our move towards a digital world and the eventual withdrawal of paper applications” says Mr. Stuart.

Since 2014 than 400,000 visa applications have been made via immigration online and half of them being made in 2017.

Approximately 60% of eligible visa candidates apply online. The government is motivating people to do the same because it is more efficient than other method and inexpensive than traditional ways. An online process is fastest than paper-based application.