NZ licensed advice

NZ Govt. Full Licensed Immigration Adviser in Chandigarh

Licensed Immigration Adviser NEW ZEALAND

According to New Zealand Immigration Act anyone providing New Zealand Immigration advice must be licensed by immigration adviser authority unless exempts. This has become compulsory since May 2009. If you need advice to go abroad licensed advisers have specialist expertise. They have met competency standards and follow a professional code of conduct.

A licensed adviser can help you explore your visa options and choose the right visa.  Furthermore, he can help you prepare your visa application and settle in New Zealand.   In case of declined visa, a licensed adviser can assess and evaluate whether you can appeal a declined visa.

A licensed adviser follows a set of ethical and professional standards when dealing with clients. He declares beforehand any conflicts of interest and seeks your approval to continue to act for you.  You can have peace of mind that all your personal documents are safe and will be returned back to you in a secure manner.


  • Visa application will be returned by embassy as INZ does not accept application from unlicensed advisers.
  • Your application will be declined.
  • He may not be honest with you.


  • Full License Advisers can give you advice on all matters such as – Student Visas, Spouse Visas, Work Visas, Tourist Visas, Graduate Job Search Visas, PR Visas, and Parent Visas, etc as they have knowledge experience and expertise.
  • Limited License Advisers can give advice on limited matters as they are not qualified to give advice on all matters.
  • Provisional License Advisers cannot work independently as they need a supervisor who is a full license holder.


Ms. Parwinder Kaur , Director of West Highlander is a licensed adviser having full license to give immigration advice on all matters – Student Visas , Spouse Visas , Work Visas , Tourist Visas , Graduate Job Search Visas , PR Visas , Parent Visas.

Ms. Parwinder Kaur have been licensed since 2010 and have got long and vast experience to handle complicated cases. Because of our expertise in immigration matters we have successfully got visas for very tough and complicated cases.

There are only 30 licensed advisers in India and Ms. Parwinder Kaur is the most experienced & qualified full licensed adviser in North India.