Options to Study in Australia for Overseas Graduate Nurses

For the Nursing field aspirants planning to establish their career in Australia, there are ample opportunities as nursing graduates have employment rate higher than average national occupation rate in Australia. Apart from being a beautiful country with distinguished infrastructural development and multi-cultural diversity, the country’s average disposable income is much higher than many other developed nations.
Options for Nursing in Australia –
The study abroad aspirants who have undertaken BSC course or nursing course in their home country can directly apply in 2nd year of Bachelor of Nursing course to study in Australia as they get credits for the first year out of their previous education. The program is known to prepare students for registered nurse role in the professional environment.
The nurse registration authority in Australia is Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) which makes assessment of the profiles of international students on behalf of Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA). The registration acts as a check to maintain the standards of healthcare setting in Australia. To work as a registered nurse in Australia, the preliminary requirement is applying to work there as a registered nurse. If your profile is found suitable, then you will be registered. If your profile is not found suitable, then AHPRA will recommend you to undertake bridge program that has two aspects i.e. theory and practical and takes a few months to complete. After completion of bridge program, your skill assessment will be made and accordingly result will be announced on your profile.
To become a registered nurse, you should meet criminal history registration standard, English language ability, continuing professional development, your practice should be recent, and professional indemnity insurance arrangements should be met.
For the students who have done Bachelor’s course in nursing equivalent to Australian Bachelors degree, they can study in Australia at masters level to enhance their skill and qualification. For nursing program, the student must have at least 7 bands in IELTS while 6.5 bands are acceptable in some institutions.
In the healthcare industry of Australia, the graduates can opt to work in primary health care, public and private hospitals, research, education, emergency care, aged health care facilities, etc.
These are the various options nursing field graduates can exploit to establish a prosperous career in Australia. To get more information regarding nursing, study abroad aspirants can seek expert assistance from the professionals of West Highlander. The Director at West Highlander holds MARA adviser license from Australian Immigration. Please feel free to contact at 9915999677, 9915999766.