Registered Migration Agent for Australia in Chandigarh

The migration agents of Australia play a vital role in delivering the migration programs of Australian government.  They help companies in bringing skilled workers to build the economy of the country or help families meet their loved ones.  With the help of a registered migration agent for Australia in Chandigarh, the process of migration would become easier and effective for you.  Using a registered migration agent means having professional support on your side and handling all the paperwork to present your case in the strongest way.

Role of a Registered Migration Agent for Australia 

Migration agent plays a vital role in helping you abide by the government rules and regulations and make the visa application process easy and hassle free for you.

 The most crucial responsibilities undertaken by a Migration Agent include:-

  • Listen to the requirements of the clients and help them what they want to achieve
  • Advise clients if their objectives are achievable in the future
  • Navigate clients through the relevant visa categories
  • Advise clients on the possible visa options
  • Making clients aware about the various issues that can have significant impact on the taxation, health insurance, education costs, property, etc.
  • Advise clients for no visa options
  • When you have made your decision final, a registered migration agent should provide you with an engagement letter confirming instructions and other charges as applicable
  • Set timelines to be observed
  • Advise visa application forms and supporting documents

West Highlander- Registered Migration Agent for Australia in Chandigarh

If you are looking for a registered migration agent for Australia in Chandigarh, then look no other than West Highlander.  The director of the West Highlander- Mrs Parwinder Kaur is a licensed immigration Adviser licensed and registered with the office of MARA Australia. The membership No. Is 5824.  She is also a member of Migration Institute of Australia and is qualified education agent counsellor for Australia.

Being a registered MARA agent in Chandigarh, we are licensed to give advice on visa requirements, lodge a visa application and work with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship on the behalf of clients.  We can help you structure your application and prepare all the needed documents.  We go an extra mile to help our clients and enhance their chances of success.

Since lodging visa application and submitting documents is a tedious process, therefore, it makes sense to trust the job with registered migration agent for Australia in Chandigarh.  A great portion of your stress can be relieved when you trust your job with us.   We work with you to maximize your chances of success.  We make preliminary assessment of your chances of success before you spend a great amount of time and money.  We have served a long list of customers who have regularly reported that we are best immigration service providers in the region.

To know more about our services, feel free to contact us.  We would be more than happy to offer you sound advice and expert services.