Requirements for Australia Student Spouse Visa

Australia is a beautiful island country with high living standards and income, scenic natural beauty, political stability and peaceful and congenial environment. The study abroad aspirants who want to take along a family member can so do by fulfilling appropriate visa conditions.
Eligibility for family members –
For student spouse visa, if the student has provided information about the family member in his or her student visa application, only then, that family member can accompany you to Australia. If you haven’t mentioned in your application about the family member, then either he or she in ineligible or you have to reapply your student visa mentioning the reason for not including them in your previous application. If a new family member has added to your family, then you don’t need to make a separate application.
Documentation Requirements –

  • Identity proof – It can be certified birth certificate, passport, National ID card, etc.
  • Proof of relationship with family member and spouse
  • Photocopy of main informative passport page
  • Evidence from the education provider that you are studying at the time of application
  • Financial ability – It can be yearly income of at least $70,000 or travel and tuition fee cost evidence.
  • Enrollment proof from school in case of minor dependents
  • Health insurance for each dependent
  • There is a special ‘Form – 1229’ in Australia for minor members of the family that is required to be filled.
  • The subsequent entrant must furnish character and health and genuine temporary entrant (GTE) requirements.
  • As per the individual case, there might be some other requirements as well, so that has to be kept in mind before applying.

These are the requirements family members or spouse of the international students who study in Australia must fulfill to acquire a temporary visa to Australia. If you require more information regarding study in Australia, kindly consult experts and licensed advisers at West Highlander. Contact: 9915999677, 9915999766.