Seats availability and deadline for September 2021 intake in Canada



Canada has become a lucrative option for young and enthusiastic students planning to study in Canada. With growing number of students looking for study programs in Canada there has been a vast search for seats availability and deadline for September 2021 intake in Canada. For Canada study visa permit there are numerous colleges offering seats for September 2021 intake for numerous colleges and still have available timeline. Students planning to opt for study in Canada for September 2021 intake need to fulfill the study visa requirements and can apply for the programs listed below.

Requirements for Canada study visa permit for September 2021 intake


As per West Highlander, Canada study visa consultants in Chandigarh here are some of the requirements for students planning to apply for September 2021 intake.

  1. Your language proficiency score or IELTS/PTE test results. For graduate program you need overall IELTS score of 6 whereas for post graduate program you need 6.5 overall IELTS score. You could consult you Canada study visa consultant in Chandigarh in case you score overall 6/6.5 based on the program but have .5 less score in any one module. There still are study programs available for students.
  2. A GIC certificate of $10,000 is required.
  3. A complete application form to the registered DLI or designated learning institute which are listed below.
  4. You need a statement of purpose for the study application and for the same consult your Canada study visa consultant for complete assistance.


Colleges accepting application for seats available for September 2021 intake


Algonquin College


Algonquin College is one of the reputable colleges established in Ontario and is offering several programs for September 2021 intake. The seats are available and for students, there is a small timeline to apply for some of the best programs.


Programs for September 2021 intake




  1. Accounting and Finance Practice
  2. Addictions and Mental Health
  3. Advanced Care Paramedic
  4. Advertising and Marketing Communications Management
  5. Aircraft Maintenance Technician
  6. Animation
  7. Applied Museum Studies
  8. Applied Nuclear Science and Radiation Safety
  9. Architectural Technician
  10. Autism and Behavioural Science
  11. Aviation Management – General Arts and Science – 2 Year(s)
  12. Bachelor of Automation and Robotics (Honours) – 4 Year(s)
  13. Bachelor of Building Science (Honours) – 4 Year(s)
  14. Bachelor of Building Science
  15. Bachelor of Commerce (e-Supply Chain Management
  16. Bachelor of Digital Marketing Communication
  17. Bachelor of Early Learning and Community Development (Honours)
  18. Bachelor of Early Learning and Community Development
  19. Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management
  20. Bachelor of Information Technology – Information Resource Management – 4 Year(s)
  21. Bachelor of Interior Design (Honours)
  22. Bachelor of Public Safety (Honours)
  23. Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  24. Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  25. Bachelor of Technology (Business Systems Development)
  26. Bachelor of Technology (Digital Health)(Honours)
  27. Business – Accounting
  28. Business – Management and Entrepreneurship
  29. Computer Engineering Technology – Computing Science
  30. And many more courses in various fields.


Conestoga College

Conestoga College is offering more than 190 courses currently for September 2021 intake and programs for students planning their Canada study visa application.

Programs for September 2021 intake

Under four year duration the following courses are available:

  1. Applied Health
  2. Applied Technology
  3. Business administration
  4. Computer science and technology
  5. Design
  6. Early learning program development
  7. Engineering
  8. Environmental public health
  9. Interior design
  10. Public relation


Fanshawe College

Fanshawe College is a public college in Ontario. It is one of the biggest colleges in Canada with four major campuses. The college has seats available in the following programs as listed below for September 2021 intake:

Programs for September 2021 intake


  1. Graduate Certificate in Supply Chain Management – Logistics (Co-Op)
  2. Diploma in Food and Beverage Management (Co-op)
  3. Graduate Certificate in International Business Management
  4. Advanced Diploma in Cyber Security
  5. Diploma in Business – Finance
  6. Graduate Certificate in Project Management
  7. Advanced Diploma in Business Administration – Human Resources
  8. Diploma in Business (Co-op)
  9. Graduate Certificate in Construction Project Management
  10. Graduate Certificate in Hospitality and Tourism Operations Management
  11. Graduate Certificate in Software and Information Systems Testing (Co-op)
  12. Advanced Diploma in Computer Programmer Analyst
  13. Graduate Certificate in Information Security Management
  14. Graduate Certificate in Practical Elements of Mechanical Engineering
  15. Graduate Certificate in Electronics and Embedded Systems Development
  16. Advanced Diploma in Business Administration – Accounting
  17. Diploma in Business – Marketing (Co-op)
  18. Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management
  19. Advanced Diploma in Manufacturing Engineering Technology (Co-op)
  20. Graduate certificate in Network and Security Architecture
  21. Advanced Diploma in Business Administration – Marketing
  22. Advanced Diploma in Computer Systems Technology
  23. Honours Bachelor of Applied Technology – Biotechnology
  24. Advanced Diploma in Civil Engineering Technology
  25. Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design
  26. Graduate Certificate in Insurance and Risk Management
  27. Graduate certificate in Applied Aerospace Manufacturing
  28. Honours Bachelor of Interior Design
  29. Diploma in Electromechanical Engineering Technician (Coop)
  30. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Technician-Industrial Maintenance
  31. Graduate Certificate in Marketing Management
  32. Advanced Diploma in Electrical Engineering Technology (Co-op)
  33. Diploma in Computer Systems Technician
  34. Diploma in Manufacturing Engineering Technician (Co-op)
  35. Diploma in Interactive Media Design
  36. Honours Bachelor of Commerce – Management
  37. Advanced Diploma in Game – Design
  38. Graduate Certificate in Game Development – Advanced Programming
  39. Advanced Diploma in Architectural Technology
  40. Honours Bachelor of Commerce – Human Resources Management
  41. Honours Bachelor of Commerce – Digital Marketing
  42. Honours Bachelor of Commerce – Accounting


Cambrian College


Situated in Ontario Cambrian College is offering numerous courses for September 2021 intake under the five schools it has. Candidates looking for their choice of program can contact West Highlander, best Canada study abroad consultant in Chandigarh at 9915999677 for knowing seats for September 2021:

Programs for September 2021 intake


  1. Schools of Business and Information Technology; Creative Arts, Design and Music; and Hospitality
  2. Schools of Health Sciences and Emergency Services
  3. Schools of Justice; Community Services; and General Studies
  4. Schools of Skills Training; and Community and Corporate Learning
  5. School of Engineering Technology and Environmental Studies


Georgian College

Georgian College situated in Ontario Canada has been known for its seven campuses and numerous courses that are popular among international students.


Programs for September 2021 intake

  1. Practical Nursing
  2. Pre-Health Sciences Pathway to Advanced Diplomas and Degrees Pre-Service Firefighter Education and Training
  3. Protection Security and Investigation
  4. Sport Administration
  5. Veterinary Technician
  6. Welding Techniques
  7. Acupuncture
  8. Advertising And Marketing Communications
  9. Art And Design Fundamentals
  10. Baking and Pastry Arts
  11. Biotechnology-Health
  12. Bookkeeping
  13. Business – Accounting
  14. Business – Marketing
  15. Business-Entrepreneurship
  16. Cabinetmaking Techniques
  17. Carpentry and Renovation Techniques
  18. Child And Youth Care
  19. Civil Engineering Technician
  20. Community and Justice Services
  21. Community Integration Through Co-Operative Education
  22. Culinary Skills
  23. Dental Assisting
  24. Dental Hygiene
  25. Denturism
  26. Developmental Services Worker
  27. Early Childhood Education
  28. Electrical Techniques
  29. Esthetician
  30. Fine Arts
  31. Fitness And Health Promotion
  32. Flight Services
  33. Gas Technician
  34. Arts and Science
  35. Graphic Design
  36. Honours Bachelor of Arts & Science
  37. Honours Bachelor of Science in Applied Life Science Degree with Biotechnology-Health Diploma
  38. Interior Decoration
  39. Mechanical Techniques
  40. Occupational Therapist Assistant And Physiotherapist Assistant
  41. Office Administration-Health Services
  42. Paramedic
  43. Personal Support Worker
  44. Pharmacy Technician
  45. Photography
  46. Plumbing Techniques
  47. Police Foundations
  48. Practical Nursing


Loyalist College

Loyalist College established in Ontario is offering numerous courses and programs for September 2021 intake. Seats are available in the programs mentioned below:

Programs for September 2021 intake

  1. Animation and Game Development-Interactive Media Development
  2. Architectural Technician
  3. Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  4. Biotechnology
  5. Broadcasting-Radio
  6. Business Sales and Marketing
  7. Business-Accounting
  8. Care of Vulnerable Populations
  9. Carpentry and Renovation Techniques
  10. Chemical Engineering Technician
  11. Child and Youth Care
  12. Civil Engineering Technology
  13. Community and Justice Services
  14. Community Integration Through Cooperative Education
  15. Computer Systems Technician
  16. Construction Engineering Technician
  17. Culinary Management
  18. Culinary Skills
  19. Customs Border Services
  20. Developmental Services Worker
  21. Early Childhood Education
  22. Electrical Techniques
  23. Emergency Management and Incident Response
  24. Environmental Technician
  25. Esthetics and Spa Management
  26. Film and Television Production-Interactive Media Development
  27. Fitness and Health Promotion
  28. General Arts and Science
  29. Human Resources Management
  30. Law Clerk Advanced
  31. Mechanical Techniques
  32. Motive Power Fundamentals – Parts and Counter Personnel
  33. Occupational Therapist Assistant and Physiotherapist Assistant
  34. Paralegal
  35. Paramedic
  36. Personal Support Worker
  37. Photojournalism
  38. Police Foundations
  39. Practical Nursing
  40. Pre-Health Sciences Pathway to Advanced Diplomas & Degrees
  41. Pre-Health Sciences Pathway to Certificates & Diplomas
  42. Project Management
  43. Protection Security and Investigation
  44. Public Relations-Event Management
  45. Radiation Safety
  46. Recreation and Leisure Services-Sports
  47. Social Service Worker
  48. Supply Chain Management – Global Logistics
  49. Survey Engineering Technician
  50. Welding and Fabrication Technician


Sheridan College

Sheridan College another popular choice among international students is offering degree course for full time duration for September 2021 intake for four year duration:

Programs for September 2021 intake

  1. Bachelor (Honours) of Animation
  2. Bachelor (Honours) of Applied Health Sciences – Athletic Therapy
  3. Bachelor (Honours) of Applied Information Sciences (Information Systems Security)
  4. Bachelor (Honours) of Business Administraton (Accounting)
  5. Bachelor (Honours) of Business Administraton (Accounting)
  6. Bachelor (Honours) of Business Administration (Finance)
  7. Bachelor (Honours) of Business Administration (Human Resources Management)
  8. Bachelor (Honours) of Business Administraton (Marketing Management)
  9. Bachelor (Honours) of Business Administraton (Supply Chain Management)
  10. Bachelor (Honours) of Community Safety
  11. Bachelor (Honours) of Computer Science (Specialty in Data Analytics)
  12. Bachelor (Honours) of Computer Science (Specialty in Game Engineering)
  13. Bachelor (Honours) of Computer Science (Specialty in Cloud Computing)
  14. Bachelor (Honours) of Craft and Design (Speciality in Furniture)
  15. Bachelor (Honours) of Craft and Design (Speciality In Industrial Design)
  16. Bachelor (Honours) of Craft and Design (Speciality in Glass)
  17. Bachelor (Honours) of Craft and Design (Speciality in Ceramics)
  18. Bachelor (Honours) of Craft and Design (Speciality in Textiles)
  19. Bachelor (Honours) of Creative Writing and Publishing
  20. Bachelor (Honours) of Experiential Design
  21. Bachelor (Honours) of Film and Television
  22. Bachelor (Honours) of Game Design
  23. Bachelor (Honours) of Illustration
  24. Bachelor (Honours) of Interaction Design
  25. Bachelor (Honours) of Interior Design
  26. Bachelor (Honours) of Music Theatre Performance
  27. Bachelor (Honours) of Photography
  28. Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical Engineering)
  29. Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering)
  30. Honours Bachelor of Computer Science (Mobile Computing)
  31. Honours Bachelor of Health Sciences (Kinesiology and Health Promotion) any many courses for diploma, certification and post graduate.


Seneca College

Seneca College is situated in Ontario and has several programs in four year degree programs for September 2021 intake and has seats availability in the programs listed below.

Programs for September 2021 intake


  1. Bachelor of Aviation Technology (Honours)
  2. Bachelor of Behavioural Psychology (Honours)
  3. Bachelor of Child Development (Honours) (BCD)
  4. Bachelor of Child Development (Honours) (BCD)
  5. Bachelor of Commerce – Accounting and Finance (Honours)
  6. Bachelor of Commerce – Business Management (Honours)
  7. Bachelor of Commerce – Business Technology Management (Honours)
  8. Bachelor of Commerce – Financial Planning (Honours)
  9. Bachelor of Commerce – Human Resources Management (Honours)
  10. Bachelor of Commerce – International Business Management (Honours)
  11. Bachelor of Commerce – Marketing (Honours)
  12. Bachelor of Community Mental Health (Honours)
  13. Bachelor of Crime and Intelligence Analysis (Honours)
  14. Bachelor of Data Science and Analytics
  15. Bachelor of Healthcare Management (Honours)
  16. Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (Honours)
  17. Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Bscn)
  18. Bachelor of Technology – Informatics and Security (Honours)
  19. Bachelor of Technology – Software Development (Honours)
  20. Bachelor of Therapeutic Recreation (Honours)

 Canada September intake deadine

 Note- Sooner you start your application process for September 2021 Canada study visa the application success would be obtained. It is best to complete the Canada study visa requirements and meet Canada September intake deadline by May 2021.

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